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maisonlavande On va peut-être bientôt en revenir, mais on est encore tellement excités pour cette nouveauté! Ces masques sont disponibles en boutiques et sur le MaisonLavande.ca pour vos visages à magnifier ou illuminer 🌾 #MaisonLavande

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"An afternoon immersed in flowers with Oatbox"

July 2016

The Company

A unique blend ofculture and perfumery

La Maison Lavande was born of the union between Nancie and Daniel and the love they share for lavender and entrepreneurship. Every summer, since 2009, their love for nature and perfume-making, as well as their hard work, offers visitors a unique experience, where colors and fragrances come together in a beautiful Lower-Laurentian countryside setting.

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The benefits
of lavender

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A unique fragrance, an age-old culture

Lavender is known for its relaxing virtues, vivid colour and sublime fragrance, but beyond its serene character lies a perennial shrub with antiseptic, antibacterial, healing, calming, anti-infective, insect repellent and decorative properties.

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