- Marjolaine Ferron


Our products for the House are certainly part of the pride of the company! Ecological formulas, totally biodegradable & phosphate free to take care of our environment, while keeping in the heart of our preoccupations the environment, the big one. We are lucky to have a major asset - lavender: a natural and effective antibacterial.

First, our all-purpose cleaner is known for its soft, delicate fragrance and its effectiveness on all surfaces (we still avoid windows and mirrors, it could leave streaks). It's more like going out to wash counters, cabinets, walls and even wood floors. You may be surprised to learn that the original wood floors of the perfumery and the gourmet shop are rubbed every morning with the simplest recipe: a water boiler and a cleaning cap. use. It's so sweet (for materials and for us!), But effective. Caro, HR director at the Maison, can not live without 2 or 3 bottles under her kitchen sink!

Laundry detergent, this precious. He, too, is all soft and delicate. As it has no chemical ingredients in its list of ingredients, the most sensitive skin will love it. It leaves a very small scent on clothing, bedding or bath towels. Some keep it for their delicate lingerie or for children's clothes.

We can not overlook the drying balls that complement wonderfully lavender wash. Applying a few drops of lavender essential oil on each of them, they are added to our drying cycle for a sweet fragrance. Depending on the textile materials to be dried, they can even reduce drying time and static. The big plus? They are reusable up to 500 loads and fully biodegradable for the future. Personally, at the end of their life, they will become a toy for my pet without danger! The easiest zero waste product to adopt, in my opinion.

For the cleaning of summer clothes, we think of small sachet of lavender on which we add a few drops of essential oil of lavender (especially if they have a few years of existence) to revive the scent & benefits. The bags can be added to the big bins of clothes that will remain in the basement all winter! Lavender is a natural repellent against unwanted pests such as mites and mice.

The dish soap is a little savior. It detaches & degreases like no one. Always completely biodegradable, its texture is also pleasant. He leaves his hands soft, delicately scented. A real charm!

While I did not think it could be possible, the hours of cleaning are more pleasant at home. Promised, these products are better known. You are welcome to ask for a sample of dishwashing soap (for example) in one or other of our shops so that we can take care of the dishes one evening, to make the chore a little more relaxing ...