- La Maison Lavande


Flowering is so much now!

All year we are waiting for this moment and finally it is here! Flowering is in full swing, never have our lavender fields been so beautiful.

With the heat of early July, the flowers exploded with joy to give us this beautiful purple tide. This heat also makes flowering very likely to be shorter. We will have beautiful purple flowers until mid-July but after, unfortunately we can not guarantee. We try to be as precise as possible, but if you knew how we are totally dependent on nature! Every year, our harvest date is different. The sun, the heat, the wind, the nights, the soil, the work of the bees ... everything can vary our harvesting moments. The point to remember is that the accelerated flowering may require us to harvest earlier. Normally we harvest in the last week of July, this year we may have to start harvesting on the 3rd week of July. Fortunately, the work is done on a long process. You will get to see flowers for a few more weeks. We also have a very small part of the fields that bloom later (thanks to our different varieties). The good news is that we keep you informed in real time here & there.

To see the most flowers of a bright purple, it is now. We now see the most beautiful bloom of Maison Lavande: 100 000 plants supplied, one kilometer of purple flowers, shaded areas for relaxation and picnic (you can bring your own lunch or enjoy our bistro in the fields), a playground for children, a beautiful terrace on the second floor of the barn, a bistro with its healthy menu, guided tours 4 times a day (11h, 13h, 14h and 15h30 - no need to book your place, you come whenever you want!), music shows on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons, two evenings sunset a week in July (Thursday & Friday), massages in the trees in the middle of the lavender fields, two shops, more than 150 perfume and gourmet products, an unparalleled welcome for you and your 4-legged companion.

The whole family of Maison Lavande is waiting for you for the most beautiful moment of the year ... and our history until now!

Business hours :

Every day, from 10h to 17h

Thursday & Friday of July, from 10h to 21h.