Essential oil and scented oil; what's the difference? 

Essential oils are oils extracted from plants that, in addition to their pleasant smell, have therapeutic or medicinal properties. They are often used in aromatherapyScented oils, on the other hand, are a gentle blend of synthetic fragrances. They do not have healing properties, but are used to create ambiance in your Home and to perfume your rooms!

In any case, these two types of oils can be used on wool dryer balls and in electric diffusers for as little as a few drops. Both are highly concentrated.

Synthetic Fragrances

The fragrances used in our products are composed of synthetic oils and essential oils like the vast majority of perfumes.

For example, for the roasted hazelnut note of the Hazelnut & Lavender collection, we called upon the knowledge of a formulator/perfumer to reproduce as faithfully as possible this particular scent we were looking for. The principle is exactly the same for the Palo Santo & Lavender collection as well as for all the other scented oils available at La Maison.


Real lavender essential oil

To enjoy the benefits of lavender essential oil or simply to appreciate the gentle fragrances of our scented oils in your daily life, visit our diffuser page. You will certainly find the model that will best suit your needs and your daily life.