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The Power of Flowers

Flowers have unmatched properties in the world of cosmetics and skin care. Yes, nature has some wonderful surprises up her sleeve & has gifted some of her gorgeous flowers with incredible benefits. We talk about it in more depth on our blog, but here are a few indications to help you make your choices, specific to your needs.

First, in the heart of it all, lavender. It is already known for its virtues in aromatherapy, but lavender is also a great ally for our skin. Being a natural antiseptic, lavender is great for treating acne-prone skin & will help healing. You won't be surprised to read that lavender is at the core of all our products & that it is highlighted in our anti-acne line.

Then, in our various collections, comes Peony & Lavender. Peony root extract from this collection is used in our anti-aging line. We were sincerely impressed by its detoxifying effects as well as its power on the depigmentation of brown spots or scars left on the skin by time.

In the same vein, we are now moving on to our White Flowers & Lavender collection. The active ingredients found in this assembly, such as arnica and small-leaf linden flowers, act as a barrier to protect the skin from external aggressions and dryness. The power of flowers to serve the most fragile and sensitive skins.

Finally comes the Aloe & Lavender collection, which inspired our luminous line. It is of course the Aloe that gives its properties for a radiant complexion & intense hydration. The luminous line will illuminate your skin & will certainly find its way into your routine.