Welcome to ours.

La Maison Lavande was born after a love trip and a very simple idea. It was when Nancie Ferron and Daniel Joannette traveled the charming roads of Provence that they fell in love with lavender, discreet during this month of September. “Why not cultivate this flower in Quebec?”. One sentence, a few seconds. That this and all that at the same time.

Upon their return home, they set out to research to discover that there are over a hundred varieties of lavender, some of which are more rustic and ready to face our particular climate. With the land they already owned, they were able to attempt the dream. A few happy tries later, Daniel's passion for farming and Nancie's passion for perfumery were rekindled. Together, they have created a unique marriage between culture & perfumery.

La Maison Lavande is a great family story in which we are happy to bring your loved ones together around another of our passions, that of built heritage. We welcome you to our home, to our family home in these houses to which we have given a second life. Each habitation on the site has been numbered, dismantled, transported and reassembled with us according to the original plans. We like to say that we clean, dress up and put on our best to welcome you, as large families did 200 years ago.

Welcome home.


A unique marriage

La Maison Lavande starts first and foremost in the lavender fields. Plantations that love the sun, but not water or insecticides. These are healthy plants, cultivated conscientiously with the specific aim of preserving an exceptional terroir and offering quality products. The Maison Lavande experience continues in perfumery, where the development of different blends has given rise to around ten collections. Lavender is the link between all perfume products with exceptional properties and herbaceous scents.