Quebec products
made by the family

Free of parabens, silicones
and mineral oil

Always at least
95% natural

Not tested
on animals


La Maison Lavande

Perfumery products created in family here, boutiques & lavender fields near Montreal, in the countryside of St-Eustache.

Growing lavender has been part of our family's daily life for over 15 years.
More than 5000 plants have been planted since the very beginning of La Maison Lavande.
We now have almost one kilometer of fields in which you can stroll around peacefully.  



Welcome to ours

La Maison Lavande was born from a lovers' journey and a simple idea. When Nancie Ferron and Daniel Joannette travelled the charming roads of Provence, they fell in love with lavender, which is discreet in September. "Why not grow this flower in Quebec? A sentence, a few seconds. That's all it took.

« Mon doux, t’as donc ben perdu du poids! »


« Mon doux, t’as donc ben perdu du poids! »

Je me rends compte que c’est encore tellement facile & acquis de faire des commentaires sur le poids des gens de notre entourage. On dirait que ça fait tellement longtemps...

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Impressive properties

Benefit of lavender


The calming effect of lavender is its best known virtue! It helps to reduce stress, anxiety and find sleep more quickly.

Countering the ills

Lavender essential oil relieves headaches, migraines, cuts, burns & stings. It also helps to fight against colds & infections.


In addition to helping to reduce anxiety and stress, lavender brings comfort and reassurance. It helps you to create little moments of sweetness.

Some sweet comments about our Maison Lavande

The main attraction is obviously the lavender field, but there is much more to it than that. They offer a lot of food derived from lavender and everything I ate was good. The store has a lot of products and they all smell so good. The lady who helped me was very knowledgeable and was able to help me pick the right product. I usually go there once a year to restock on products :)
  • Alex, Google
  • Very nice place to spend the day, picnic with family, with or without kids, it's huge so not really awkward with other people. Everything that is offered at the bistro is excellent, the flowering in July is superb. It's impossible not to stop at the store to bring home some of that lavender scent. It was a great experience!
  • Marie, Google
  • It's beautiful and it smells so good. The buildings are historical and remind us of the life of our ancestors. The lavender field is so beautiful and it's nice to take a walk there. You can take beautiful pictures. Whether you are alone, a couple, a family or a group, there is something for everyone to do: relax, have a picnic, swing in the giant swing, play in the park, take a hike, read in the hammocks and of course, shop for lavender products.
  • Julie, Google
  • Pleasantly surprised by my visit to La Maison Lavande. You can tell there is a lot of love which goes into the design of their products. The gourmet products are well balanced. The iced coffee with lavender syrup is just too delicious! The staff is smiling and welcoming. Be warned, you will want to buy everything in their shop. Thank you for accepting our fur-babies.
  • Jacinthe, Facebook
  • Discovering La Maison Lavande

    In addition to visiting our lavender fields in St-Eustache, you can find most of our products like the Pure Lavender collection on our online store!

    We're just a phone call away if you have any questions! Contact us here!