- Camille Brosseau


Here is our little guide of the essentials to bring to visit our agrotourism site. It's all about feeling at home, but more importantly, enjoying it to the fullest.

1) A reusable water bottle
The lavender fields are in the (very) hot sun. It can get very hot there and that's why your water bottles are essential. If you choose a reusable water bottle, you should know that there are several drinkable water points available on the site. The same goes for the small animals you walk on a leash! (Don't forget their little bowl).

2) Sunscreen & a nice hat
To the great joy of the lavender, the sun is dazzling in the fields. Since we want to avoid sunburn, we advise you (so much) to bring a nice hat & wear sunscreen. Bring your tube here; you can never be too careful!

3) Lunch (or snacks)
One of the pleasures here is eating in the middle of the flowering fields. Never hesitate to bring your lunch and/or snacks. I promise, our countryside is the perfect place to have a picnic. Note that the bistro will be open in refreshment mode where we will be pleased to complete your meal with lemonades, coffees or frozen lavender yogurts. New this year: our favorite lavender scones! (Vegan options of our delicacies will be featured!).

4) Lavender floral water
One of our favorite products during hot weather! It's a must-have for moisturizing & giving yourself a shot of freshness. At home, we use it all the time to cool down or soothe heat stroke.

5) Your camera
Of course, it's a must to come and visit our fields! Our mission has always been to allow you to create sweet moments, with friends, family, in a bubble. And if you had the chance to capture those moments, we think you'd be thrilled.

6) A blanket & a good book
Honestly, our site is the perfect place to relax with a good book. Just bring a blanket, stand in a quiet corner and enjoy the breeze at our place!

We hope this little guide has inspired you and we look forward to seeing you in the fields. You are all invited to the Maison!