- Marjolaine Ferron


Because the beauty of our little paradise does not only go through flowering! And just because we want to make you enjoy our facilities until the fall.

First, you should know that lavender is perennial. Even if the flowers have been harvested, the row plants are still there and it's very pretty for the eyes ... and for the nose! Until October 1st, our kilometer of fields will remain accessible (free), as well as:

  • the relaxation zone
  • picnic areas
  • walking trails
  • the family area
  • the terrace of the barn

And, surprise! We decided - for the very first time - to extend the season of the bistro, autumn version, until October 1st too! For the pleasure of our taste buds, we will offer you all the snacks and refreshments of the summer: yogurt & iced coffee with lavender, lemonade, biscuits, drinks, etc. So you can complete your picnics with our little delights and it makes us happy!

Until October 1st, you will enjoy your stay with us for:

1. Make some pictures
Even if we can not find the purple sea of ​​July, the site remains beautiful. We work hard to maintain it continuously and receive you in a beautiful space. The walking path, the lavender field, the terrace, the wall of flowers and the big swing makes beautiful pictures!

2. Organize your own picnic
Until October 1st, it is our pleasure to welcome you with your big, full basket. We take pleasure in seeing you sit on our tables or between two rows of lavender, your dinners prepared by hand. Complete with our bistro delicacies (in autumn, the bistro does not offer meals, only snacks and refreshments)

3. Visit our two shops on site
As you already know, our eustachian perfumery is open all year round. We love to welcome you there. The gourmet shop, as it is, will close on October 8th. You have plenty of time to stock up on jams, caramels, confits & marmalades with lavender.

4. Take a little time for yourself
Our relaxation area is always accessible too. This is the perfect time to take a break from everyday life and come to finish your book in our hanging chairs. Calm!

5. Do a little improvised yoga session
The site invites you to relax with such proximity to nature! It's great to see you arrive, yoga mats in hand, for a little yoga and meditation session.

6. Take a walk with doggie
Pets are welcome on a leash. Since the very beginning, the owners are so respectful and pick up all the small damage left as a souvenir by the animal. We do not want to change the formula!

7. Spend a little family afternoon
Whether it's a stroll ride or to play the biggest, our family is happy to receive yours. You have space to walk, play, dine, and enjoy!

Hoping to welcome you to the House this summer and this fall!


Schedule of the bistro:
From August 6 to September 3 - bistro (refreshments and snacks) free daily (10 am to 5 pm)
From September 4 to October 1 - bistro (refreshments and snacks) available for free every weekend (10 am to 5 pm)

Schedule of the gourmet shop:
Every day until October 1st (10am to 5pm)

Schedule of perfumery:
Every day of the year (10am to 5pm)