Summer recruitment at home: available positions

- Marianne Goupil

Recrutement estival à la Maison : les postes disponibles || Summer recruitment at home: available positions
It's almost the blooming season at La Maison & who says high season says recruitment (!!!)

We are currently looking for pearls who would like to join one of our 5 different positions available for this summer: - Perfumery consultant, bistro clerk, parking clerk, field ticket clerk & maintenance clerk.

Each year, we are fortunate to count on an outstanding team which, thanks to their help, their involvement and their benevolence, contributes to making the House flourish. If you want to join our big family, we present the available positions right here:


- Perfumery consultant:

A summer job in a charming House, surrounded by the sweet scent of Lavender & the big family of the House, this is what awaits you this summer - YES!! A person passionate about our little creations, resourceful & who likes to welcome customers as we welcome the family at home will definitely enjoy this position! Here, we like to accompany each visitor, helping them find the perfect little attention. We are looking for little pearls who are passionate about the House, who are eager to pass on their knowledge and their love of our products.

For more information on this position where to apply it's right here - Perfumery consultant

- Clerk at the bistro:

Your favorite show is Les Chefs? Are you THE barista in your gang of friends? The bistro - this is the place for you! At the bistro, you will have to prepare tons of lavender lemonades & frozen yogurts while enjoying the sublime view of our lavender fields, the big dream (!!!) The days pass (too) quickly at the bistro, impossible to to be bored!

 For more information on this position where to apply it's right here - Clerk at the bistro

- Parking clerk:

Are you a Tetris game fan? We want you! Every summer, we receive hundreds of thousands of people (yes, yes that's a lot of cars to place!). Our parking clerks have the chance to spend the summer outside - & thus have the most beautiful tans (!!!) Ah & another little (or big) plus, you will be able to talk with your colleagues in a walkie-talkie!

 For more information on this position where to apply it's right here - Parking clerk

- Field ticketing clerk:

You are resourceful, one of your passions is to talk with people - you will be delighted at the reception! The ticketing clerks are literally paid to talk (!!!) We are looking for warm people who exude good humor and joie de vivre as you are the first contact with our customers. Also, we receive many (many) visitors from all over the world - don't be afraid of queues & be comfortable speaking English!

For more information on this position where to apply it's right here - Field ticketing clerk

- Maintenance clerk:

If you have cleanliness and cleaning skills (we think of people who are under the astrological sign of Virgo, for example hihi), you will be won over by this post! I promise, the maintenance clerks end the summer with a sublime tan & muscular legs!

For more information on this position where to apply it's right here - Maintenance clerk


Having myself worked one summer at the perfumery of Saint-Eustache & at the reception of our lavender fields, I promise you that a summer at home, it is filled with laughter, a lot of joy, beautiful encounters & some lavender lemonades. The days sincerely pass too quickly, the visitors are so nice - we leave the House with a smile on our faces, our hearts full of love & that, in my opinion, is really precious.