- Marjolaine Ferron


Whether you like Valentine's Day or not, it's always a great idea to emphasize love. Let's say that February 14 is a good excuse to take a little time with your loved one. It's for this reason that we have brought back 5 gift ideas for the February 14th.

A box to (not really) cook from Jerome Ferrer

We discovered the concept of the boxes of the chef Jerome Ferrer a few days ago and we are completely charmed by their simplicity! The box that you have delivered directly to the house or job is ready to be "cooked", or rather heated. Fresh foods are already prepared and packaged under vacuum. A little baking, in a pan or even in the microwave and meals of the week (3 services!) Are ready! At a more than reasonable price, in addition.

In addition, the company has designed a special box for Valentine's Day. You can choose the option of a meal for 2, 4 or 6 people with a salivating menu. Foie gras, Thai soup, risotto with lobsters, duck and lemon verrine to you, from you!

$ 115 for a box lunch (which covers all the dinners of the week), here.

An illuminated evening at the Bois de Belle-Rivière

The Bois de Belle-Rivière is located in the Laurentians at Mirabel and is known for its impressive ice trail. 2.5 km skating through the forest, it's a real pleasure! The team behind the Bois de Belle-Rivière has developed a small concept to dream about: Fridays & Saturdays in February, the multicolored lights of the ice trail light up for a romantic and magical skating!

$ 6 / adult (free for residents of Mirabel), every Friday and Saturday of February, from 5 pm to 9 pm (weather permitting), here.

A good bottle of wine created here

The chance to be surrounded by creators of all kinds! Right next to La Maison, in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, is the Vineyard Les Vents d'Ange where a family works, a bit like ours. Together, they made 4 wines from their vineyards Josephoises. Little crush on the Catherine wine for its notes of apples.

$ 13.80 at the SAQ.
Their story here.

A set for prince and princess baths

February is the perfect month to take long hot baths. While it is too cold outside, it is great in the too hot bath. If you can take advantage of these moments to moisturize the skin, eliminate muscle pain, reduce daily stress, promote sleep, that's good.

If you do not know the milk powder, you have to try it quickly. It transforms bath water into moisturizing milky water that delicately perfumes bath towels, pajamas and bedding. Added to diamonds of pink salts that calm tired back pains, or a candle that feels sleepy, it's a small dream of 30 minutes ... or 2h!

(And on our side, we think shared baths are a bit underestimated! In addition, we made sure that these products are very soft, also great for the little sensitive skin of the boyfriend.)

Milk powder, $ 21.95 here.
Pink salt diamonds, $ 21.95 here.
Lavender candle & soy wax, $ 19.95 for 50 hours, here.

A diffuser of essential oils

More and more, one realizes the benefits of the essential oils, especially diffused in the air. Aromatherapy is a real science, where you can have fun finding the perfect oil for your needs. Lavender to promote relaxation and counteract depression, eucalyptus to relieve sinuses and strengthen the immune system. In addition, mint can eliminate headaches or relieve allergy symptoms and lemon can clear the sinuses and improve the gray mood of February!

Vase diffuser, $ 74.95 here.
Lavender essential oil, $ 18.95 for 50ml, here.
Eucalyptus essential oil, $ 12.95 for 50ml, here.

We wish you the most charming feast of love, this year.

Take the opportunity to find yourself and most importantly, to create moments that will remain.

See you soon.