Attracting good energy... Yes, but how?

- Marianne Goupil

Attirer de bonnes énergies... Oui, mais comment? || Attracting good energy... Yes, but how?

We are not experts in spirituality & through our interests, our reading & our podcast listening on good energies, it can be easy to lose track. It really is a big world to discover & the flood of information can be overwhelming. 

If you are as intrigued as we are by this world, this little blog post is for you! We thought we'd put together our favorite steps, in all simplicity & humility, to keep & attract good energy on a daily basis.


1 — Take a moment to be grateful: We sincerely believe that when we have a positive attitude & focus our attention on the beautiful & the good, the universe returns the favor by sending us some gentleness. We try as much as possible not to stay in the expectation of having more, but rather to be grateful for what we have today, in the present moment!

2 — Accept bad times and bad days: Let's be honest, we all have bad days and bad weeks. However, we believe that the way we react to these moments defines their ability to affect us. Even if it's not always our first instinct, we try to welcome & accept the more challenging situations in order to make room for the emotions that come with them. By recognizing & accepting the emotions that we feel at specific times, it is much easier to let them go afterwards. 

3 — Instead of putting pressure on yourself to deal with these bad moments, simply externalize them: There are several methods to externalize what you are feeling. You can, for example, write down on a piece of paper all the negative or intrusive thoughts that are going through your mind. Once you have emptied the inside of your head onto this sheet of paper, destroy it & let these thoughts slowly leave you. You could also write these thoughts on a plate & break it afterwards. Find a method that works for you & most importantly that makes you feel good

4 — Make room for something new: True, this is easier said than done. In our opinion, leaving the past behind is somehow essential to allow new emotions & experiences to enter our lives. Take some time to sort out the things that are bothering you & allow yourself to start fresh on a new solid foundation.

5 — Create: This is the time to get the mind going. Whether it's building a small list of things to do (without pressure, of course) or even creating a vision board, all ideas are good. The vision board is an increasingly popular concept that consists of finding a few images that inspire you, that motivate you & that make you feel good. It could be a place you'd like to visit, a project you'd like to accomplish, in short, goals you'd like to eventually achieve. You could also try a new hobby!  

6 — Believe in it: As we said, we are not experts in this field. However, after reading about it, we realize that we have to really believe in it deep down for these things to happen. In other words, you must not be septic! With time, you will learn to listen to your little inner voice & it will be easier to follow your intuition. Of course, there are different methods to attract good energy. You can manifest on a piece of paper, have a gemstone, ask to receive a sign from the universe or even just visualize your wildest projects. In short, whatever the method, find one that makes you feel good & above all that you believe in.

7 — Grow & allow yourself to shine: I once read a quote that said something similar to:

"To get something you've never had, you must do something you've never done."

To attract good energies & especially to keep them with us, we must not be afraid to get out of our comfort zone, try new activities, visit new places, face new challenges to learn new things & learn positive lessons!


Throughout the month of March at La Maison, we have decided to tackle subjects that touch on energies & spirituality because it is a topic that fascinates & intrigues us. There is nothing witchcraft or studied in the above statements, it is really our personal opinion according to the experiences & knowledge acquired by passionate people on the subject!