- Marjolaine Ferron


It's been months now that we have been offering our soy wax candles with wood wicks. The reviews are great and people are just as thrilled as we are to have natural candles, which are crackling (!!!) and sincerely effective at your fingertips.

Probably because the wood locks are a little less known, we received some questions about their use at the very beginning. We like to take the time to explain the difference between conventional wicks and ours, as we did in our last live facebook.

Some candles found on the market are made with wicks of cotton (or even lead ... phew!). For ecological reasons, we decided to opt for wood locks, despite their lower popularity. Indeed, when we made this decision, there were very few candles with these wicks. It's a nice change that comes with two little tips! The most important thing is to know that the wood locks are not comparable to the locks of cotton. Admittedly they may require a little more patience ... but for all the good they bring, we found that the compromise was worth it. When we light one of our candles, we must imagine a fire. Just warm up the wood before it ignites. It's the same for our little pots. Make sure to hold the heat source (match or lighter) on the rod until the wood browns. This is the perfect clue to find that the wood is hot enough for it to burn and above all, it stays on.

The other important aspect is soy wax. People love it because it does not emit any toxic fumes or black smoke, it is totally natural and very effective for its durability. Indeed, it simply requires that you make sure the candle burns long enough for the wax to liquefy to reach the edge of the glass. Thus, the level of the candle may decrease when used, without creating unrecoverable holes in the middle.

I dedicate the last line to all those who sent us videos of their candle that crackled. It is truly one of the most comforting noises that certainly charmed us when we decided on the composition of the wick. Thank you for your images, thank you for being close to us. It is precious.