Start the year WITHOUT pressure

- Marianne Goupil

Commencer l'année SANS pression || Start the year WITHOUT pressure
 It's already been another year of completion...

Here, we gently say goodbye to 2022 & welcome the new year with great excitement. 2023 will definitively mark the history of the La Maison through the union of our two sister companies under one roof. As this change occupies many of our thoughts (& makes our hearts beat quite quickly thank you!), we try to ask ourselves and consider the rest one day at a time.

Obviously, it's not always easy and that's why we thought we'd drop you some tips to bring a little sweetness at the beginning of the year. Here are some tips that will help you (& us) start the year without too much pressure: 

— Accept that lists of resolutions are not for everyone: For some, the beginning of a new year must inevitably be accompanied by new objectives, while for others, this practice can be anxiety-provoking. It's true that a list of goals to achieve over 12 months can be motivating... How it can become synonymous with pressure too!
It is fine to leave lists of resolutions aside when we are concerned about them. Simply letting yourself be carried away by the passing seasons is a magnificent vision too!

— Book time for yourself: & yes, it's important! Whether it's going for a walk outside or taking a Milk bath powder, these little moments do everyone good. To simply pause our passing thoughts to practice & enjoy an activity we like to do. 

— Take the opportunity to get together as a family: Here, the family is at the heart of everything we are. It's crazy the good it brings us on a daily basis. Whether it's the blood family or the extended family, we meet these important people every day and it's a real opportunity. We realize the good it feels to be close to the people we love more than anything. So in turn, we invite you to enjoy your surroundings. Make room for them in your fast-paced lives, you will see how precious it is!

— See January as a new beginning: The beginning of a new year can be seen as a break. Sometimes it helps to imagine that we will leave our anxieties & worries in 2022 by focusing on the coming year. To turn the page smoothly, we invite you to write on a sheet everything you want to leave in 2022 and tear the sheet. You will see, this exercise is very liberating!

— A little (a lot) of lavender in your daily life: Obviously, lavender is a must for us. This delicate flower helps us soothe our heads, even when they are at the fullest. We love the essential oil in Le Fleur, our electric diffuser, on our temples thanks to our Ready to wear, or in sweet perfume sprayed on our textiles with our Linen water. Lavender has several vertues that will soften the routine, promised.

— As a bonus, we asked our precious Marie-Lune (Marie-Claude, HR coordinator with us) her best tip to start the year without pressure. There she is:

"This year, we forget the resolutions, but I have a nice suggestion to offer you! Give yourself a moment of madness every day to let go of your crazy and enjoy life a little more. Dance breathlessly to your favorite song of the moment, bite into your favorite chocolate bar (😉 white or black?), light several candles and imagine yourself singing in an arena ("S'il suffisait qu'on s'aiiiimeee....") In short, take this precious time to treat yourself and be well! 💜 Simply » - Marie-Lune

The whole family wishes you a happy & sweet year 2023 x