How to reuse your candle jars?

- Marianne Goupil

Comment récupérer vos pots de bougies? || How to reuse your candle jars?

Over the past few months, our candles jar have been gradually transitioning to a sublime new whitewashed container. We were looking for a breath of fresh air, but more importantly, a reusable jar that we would like to keep close by, even after burning our favorite candle.

We thought we'd share with you our two favorite tips for removing the wax from the bottom of your container and reusing it later. I promise, it's super simple (!!!)

Tip #1 - Boiling Water: Simply boil water in a pot or kettle, then pour the hot water directly into the candle jar over the wax. You should see the wax slowly melt & rise above the water slowly. Let it sit for a few minutes, then you'll be able to remove the little patty of wax floating on the water.

Tip #2 - Freezer: Just as simple, place your almost empty container in the freezer for at least a few hours (overnight, ideally). Then, insert a butter knife or spoon on the side of the wax on the edges of the glass. You should be able to remove the wax layer easily if it's still cold.

Then, simply clean your container in the sink with warm water & mild dish soap. You now have a beautiful little jar that will complement any decor. Here are some of our favorite uses:

Bathroom jar - We like to use them to store bathroom essentials that we like to have on hand, such as cotton swabs or makeup remover pads. We also think of our ready to wearlavender lip balm &/or plumping lip care. It's a nice way to arrange them!

Office jar - Here, we like to put our pencils, our pliers, our paper clips or any other small essential of the office in these pretty containers. It's practical & it leaves our work surface uncluttered & tidy!

Plant pot - We have a few plant enthusiasts & our candle containers are in our opinion the perfect pot for your sprouts!

Matches pot - Just because it's beautiful! 

Candy & Snack Jar -Looking for a little secret stash for your sweets? Your kids won't think to look in your old candle jars, promise!

Pot for our individual wipes -This delicacy that we could not do without in the car! To keep them from getting scattered all over our glove compartment, we like to group them in an old candle jar that we then put in the cups compartment. 

Pot for salt & sugar - Sleek containers that will match perfectly with your kitchen & centerpiece! You could also use them for your spices.

Glasses - If you still have candles in our old clear glass containers, we think they make great glass for your coffee or even cocktail!

We remind you that our new candle jars are recyclable & that their wooden lid can be used as a coaster to protect your surfaces!

If you're the more visual type, we show you all these great ideas in a video right here (!!!)

Looking forward to seeing our small containers of candles reused in your Houses!