Need some inspiration? The ideal gift ideas for everyone

- Marianne Goupil

En manque d'inspi? Les idées cadeaux idéales pour tous! || Need some inspiration? The ideal gift ideas for everyone

Ahhh holiday gifts! We know that finding the perfect gift can sometimes become a difficult mission for some. It's all the more difficult to find THE thought that will please people you may know a little less...

Fortunately, here, we are full of ideas and above all, creations that are for everyone.

Here are some of our gift ideas for these precious people around you.

Products made by our family for yours.


For the educator

They have such an important role in the daily lives of our little ones.

Our diffuser Le Fleur (to correct homework peacefully) — $59.95

Any antibacterial gel (to keep small germs away) — from $5.95 to $24.94

Various dried flowers bouquet (to magnify the class) — $19.95


For the bus driver

A big thank you for their work, we are grateful!

Reusable plastic straw cup (to stay hydrated throughout the trip) — $12.95

Macrame diffuser - Old Lavender (to delicately perfume the bus) — $14.95

Cleaning wipes (always handy to have on hand) — $9.95


For the Mr or Mrs of the post office

Phew, we think a lot about them during this time of year, they are so precious.

Our herbal tea Bonne Nuit! (to enjoy after a big day of work or just to warm up) — $8.25

Any linen water (to be sprayed on car benches to leave a sweet scent) — from $7.95 to $32.95

Reusable bag - non-woven (to lug all the packages in the most beautiful bag) — $2.00


For dads

They have such an important place in our daily lives, but sometimes it's harder to find gift ideas for the dads of this world!

Our Pure Lavender essential oil (for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to repel insects & mosquitoes in the most natural way possible) — $19.95

Underwood & Lavender body water mist (for scented cuddles) — $22.95

Pure Lavender hand cream (for manual dad) — from $9.95 to $19.95


For a hostess gift

They welcome us so well into their Houses.

Kitchen soap (a little wonder to deodorize hands after cooking the meal) — $8.95

Any all-purpose cleaner (it gently perfumes while cleaning surfaces) — from $8.95 to $12.95

Sparkling lavender & apple drink (to celebrate with family. Perfect as an aperitif or dessert) — $12.00


For neighbors

Always there to help us out!

Any candle (to delicately illuminate their home) — $21.95

Our Lavender Syrup (to flavor their coffees, cocktails & even ice cream) — $14.00

Lavender creamy honey (a delicacy to be enjoyed on toast or simply with a spoon) — from $7.95 to $11.95


There you go!

We are very close if ever X

*Taxes are not calculated in the prices mentioned above.