The creation of White Cotton & Lavender!

- Camille Brosseau

La création de Coton Blanc & Lavande! || The creation of White Cotton & Lavender!

We wanted to introduce you to the creative process behind our new collection, White Cotton & Lavender. Who's better than Nancie to explain the development of this collection! We asked her a few questions to explain the challenges, the creation and the development of this collection.

1. What does the White Cotton & Lavender collection mean to you?

The White Cotton & Lavender collection, for me, is the summer with a clothesline with clothes hanging to dry under the warm rays of the sun. It reminds me of my summers at the cottage by the water as a child, when my mother would take advantage of the beautiful days to clean up by opening the windows and changing the sheets on all the beds.

2. What was the most difficult part of creating White Cotton & Lavender?

The most difficult part of creating a fragrance is faithfully reproducing that perfect image in your mind. In this case, we wanted a fragrance that was both airy and aquatic (we call it an ozone note), with a slightly floral and green crystalline freshness (thanks to cyclamen) associated with spring, happiness (long live lily of the valley). Finding the perfect balance of all these elements with our usual touch of lavender is always a challenge.

After much trial and error, we have reproduced what for us is the perfect image of White Cotton & Lavender. We understand here that the collection is called like this because it is the white cotton fabric and the beautiful cotton flower (which doesn't smell anything) that inspired us.

3. This is the first time we have used our laundry detergent in another collection (!!). Why in the White Cotton & Lavender collection?

It was a no-brainer. Anyone who smells this new White Cotton & Lavender collection will understand. It's impossible to smell this fragrance without thinking of freshly laundered clothes drying in the sun on a summer breeze.

Our new creation can be found in all our physical boutiques & on our online store. 

The head in the creation & the heart in the flowers, always.