Lavender: our best ally to prevent AND relieve mosquito bites!

- Camille Brosseau

La lavande : notre meilleure alliée pour prévenir ET soulager les piqûres de moustiques! || Lavender: our best ally to prevent AND relieve mosquito bites!

The return of warm weather means the return of mosquitoes! And yes, mosquito bites can cause redness, swelling and itching... That's why we wanted to share with you some tips to prevent them, but also to relieve & soothe the skin!

It's well known; insects hate lavender. Naturally, these bugs are far from being attracted to our favorite plant in the world, so on the contrary, lavender helps us keep mosquitoes (& even lice!!!) away.

We recommend using lavender essential oil directly on your skin before going outside. Yes, lavender essential oil is one of the few essential oils that can be applied directly to the skin. Simply massage the oil gently behind the ears, on the wrists, on the ankles and you're done!

You can also use Pure Lavender body water to wrap yourself in its scent in a less concentrated way. With its spray bottle, this product is so convenient to use on clothes or even on the skin. The body wash is made with lavender, so there's very little chance of mosquitoes getting near you!

Lavender is known for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, soothing and healing properties. It's a dream to heal small (& big) hurts!

To soothe itching & inflammation, simply apply a few drops of lavender essential oil directly on the sting. Lavender has an almost immediate anti-inflammatory effect! Simply massage the sting gently for a few seconds and let it work.

To help with the application, you can even use the ready-to-wear! It's lavender essential oil in a handy container that has a ballpoint applicator. This product will greatly help you relieve the swelling & itching sensation following a sting!

That's it! Hopefully our little tips will help you avoid mosquito bites this year. X