The solution when collecting oils for diffusers...

- Lisiane Fleury

La solution quand on collectionne les huiles pour diffuseurs... || The solution when collecting oils for diffusers...

It is often said that the creation of products, objects or projects arises from needs to be filled. That is exactly what happened here. The entire team of La Maison has a passion for aromatherapy that, here, comes with the collection of essential and scented oils to diffuse. We love to change the atmosphere of the Home by choosing different oils to use in our diffuser. But how do you store them so that they are well presented/tidy/orderly/pretty!? The project of the plate for diffuser was born right there.

In all honesty, it had been a few years now that we toyed with the idea of making a tray, a plate, a support to dispose of oils. Then came the creation of our own electric diffusers, which only amplified this desire to have a support that would magnify & enhance our oils & diffusers. The making of such an accessory, however, is a little more complex than one could dare to imagine. There is a complete process & steps to go through before we can hold a concrete result in our hands, before we can present it in the open. 

First, we need a need to fill. Usually, this is the easiest part of the creative process. 😉 Then, you have to agree on the ideas & preferences that the team has in mind. As you know, at La Maison, it is a great family story. It is therefore important for us to question our teams, to see the essentials of some of us, to know their points of view and then take them into account for the rest of the development. 

Once our plan is rather clear & we have listed our criteria, it's the turn of canvassing. It's all well and good to have ideas, but we have to find out who can help us with these big projects. We then start looking for collaborators - here, it is Audrey - marketing supervisors - who takes care of this step. Whether it's for a new soap dish, for greeting cards or for a plate like the one we present to you today, we try to find people with expertise that will complement our ideas of grandeur. We search, search & search again until we find the rare pearl. It is necessary to negotiate, review the needs, see the targeted quantities, prices & constraints to be able to determine if a project is viable or not. 

Then comes the time to present the result of all this canvassing work to management. It is usually Audrey who shares her discoveries in Florence - Director General -. They determine together whether the project can proceed or whether the original plan needs to be revised. They can then make a small tune-up to make sure everything makes sense, and then can finally unveil the new project to the relevant departments.


Now it's the hive's turn to activate. Once the new project is unveiled internally, Audrey takes care of adding all the information we have about the project to our organizational platform. This ensures that all the departments involved can start their tasks. We are talking here about procurement, coordination of purchases & receptions, delivery planning, content creation & product sheets. It is also necessary to plan the launch, the possible advertisements that could result from the launch as well as internal communications in order to share all the important information to our stores. After all, they are the ones who will have the fruit of all this work on their shelves (!!!) 

We can then schedule a photo shoot of the new item by the content creation team in order to have the necessary visuals for all our platforms. We now put the photos of the new product in the appropriate places & voilà! All that remains is to receive the stock at the warehouse to be prê to put everything on sale (!!!) 

A few days, weeks, or months later (it all depends on the project!), we finally receive the final result at our warehouse. We can then plan deliveries in our various boutiques & Emilie, manager of the Saint-Eustache boutique, takes care of the merchandising in close collaboration with the brand image team. We find the ideal place to present the novelty in our small Houses, then we share the plan with the teams who are on site so that everything matches, from one House to another.

Tadam (!!!) Just like that, a project was born eventually. It's an incredible chance we have to create & imagine like this. Our heads & hearts are overflowing with ideas & you now know all the work that goes into developing a project like our beautiful diffuser plate. It's a lot of research, trial, and error, teamwork & thoroughness to get the desired result. We put all our heart into it day after day for more than 13 years now & we sincerely hope that our creations excite you as much as we do. You're part of the Family after all, right?