The perfect gift exchange guide

- Marianne Goupil

Maison Lavande

It's no longer a secret, we LOVE the holidays. We have a real passion for creating delicacies & seeing you offer them to your loved ones fills us with happiness. We like to create with you the perfect gifts for your whole family.

So here's the perfect gift exchange guide, divided according to your budget. It was conceived by a saleswoman, now content creator (hello!). 

For budgets between $0 and $20:

— Ready to wear - $9,95: Practical & multifunctional, it's a must to have in your handbag! The roll-on helps to relieve headaches & the itching sensation of insect bites. Just roll it onto your skin.

Hand creams, 100ml - $14.95: Made with premium quality raw materials such as Shea and Soy butter, they are moisturizing & they penetrate quickly into the skin.

Sugar scrub - $19.95: A favorite for many! Our foaming sugar scrub is gentle but very effective. The tiny sugar crystals melt away when mixed with water and massaged onto the skin. It can be used on the body, face, and even in the hair!

Laundry Detergents - $19.95: Our laundry detergents stand out for their ecological, eco-responsible & biodegradable formulation. They are perfect for all your textiles, even those that are more delicate.

All Purpose cleaners, 500ml - $8.95: When cleaning becomes a pleasant moment!  Our (dreamy) all-purpose cleaner is the perfect hostess gift. They are great for all your countertops (kitchen & bathroom), as well as your sinks.

Essential & Scented Oils - $14.95 to $19.95: A few drops in an electric diffuser or on drying balls for a good smell.

Dark chocolate - $8.25: A rich, creamy chocolate with crunchy salted caramel infused with a sweet, sweet touch of lavender.

For budgets between $20 and $30:

Bubble bath, 500ml - $21.95: Our bubble bath is an essential part of your relaxing moments. Its smooth and hydrating foam is delicately scented, which is all you’ll need to embrace your me-time fully. 

Milk bath powder - $22.95: A milk bath with dreamy benefitsThis milky powder transforms your bath water into milky goodness. It's creamy, white, and deeply moisturizing. It's an excellent solution for sensitive skin, dry skin or any skin problems like psoriasis, or eczema. It will also help you find sleep quickly. 

Candles - $21.95: Our scented candles are made from soy wax and wood wicks. In addition, they are entirely charming with their crackling sounds and soft perfume

Hand soaps, 1L - $24.95: Moisturizing hand soaps that make your hands soft and add a light scent to them.

For budgets between $30 and $50:

Linen water, 1L - $32.95This is an in-home favorite! Our linen water is made for all kinds of fabric. It refreshes but does not stain the materials. We use it everywhere but mostly on our pillowcases, bed sheets, curtains, carpets as well as any fabric car seats. Make your sheets smell like a summer memory (or like sweet dreams!)

Gift box Pure Lavender - $49.95Carefully selected delicacies to create this coffret that makes you feel so good.  

For budgets over $50:

Le Fleur - $59,95: Our electric diffuser that we love so much. It envelops the house with a soft perfume chosen according to your desires. Created from scratch by our family.

Gift box Cedar & Lavender - $59,95: A box that brings together the favorites of our ephemeral collection for the holiday season.

Gift box Clementine & Lavender - $64,95: The essentials for a gentle evening routine for our minis.

The whole family is immensely grateful to have a place under your tree, thank you for that X

*Taxes are not included in the above prices.