- Nancie Ferron


If we could, we would accept the dozens of requests for donations and sponsorships we receive each week. All causes touch us and we sincerely would like to be able to give to everyone. Unfortunately, we have to make choices, and that's often heartbreaking. 

Since we want to get involved, we decided to support one cause a year. This year, Benjamin's World has particularly affected us. 

The world of Benjamin is, first, a Facebook page having as ambassador Benjamin, a young17 years autistic. I will not hide the fact that I know the parents Patricia Paquin and Mathieu Gratton quite well, whom I have worked with for many years in my old life. But it's not so much because I know the parents that we decided to support Benjamin's World, but because Benjamin's mission makes us all vibrate. 

Benjamin's world seeks to demystify, help and give foundations to different children and their families. Each year, Benjamin and his family choose an organization. This year, the foundation of autism will receive the under-amassed during the year.

The mesh with lavender, our family and that of Benjamin, was obvious to us. We have many clients of all ages who particularly appreciate the soothing, relaxing and anxiolytic properties of our darling plant. Lavender is known to promote sleep, calm anxiety and anxiety, soothe. Now you understand why the connection between lavender and different children is quite natural.

This is the first time La Maison Lavande has joined a cause at this height and we are very proud of it. We are convinced that this is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship with Benjamin and all the different children.

We are partners with New Look and Rouge FM, the benefit show Le Cadeau, on November 27 in Montreal. Throughout the year, we will have the chance to collaborate with Benjamin's World, you will soon see video clips of our meetings. 

For the details of the event, it's right here:

It's our way of saying that all children are unique and that's how we love them.

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By Nancie Ferron