The power of flowers for delicate skin!

- Camille Brosseau

Le pouvoir des fleurs au service des peaux délicates! || The power of flowers for delicate skin!

We've been working with an amazing team of chemists for a long time to create products that are as gentle as the delicate skin on your face.

Each product in our facial care line is designed with active ingredients that target specific needs, and we wanted to introduce you to them!

Illuminating line - to revive the radiance of dull & tired complexions
- Illuminating Cream (Pure Lavender)
A gentle cream that provides a radiant complexion & well hydrated skin. It is rich in aloe, allentoin, hyaluronic acid & vitamins (B5, E).

It also contains sugars from plants for intense hydration, amino acids to illuminate the skin and vitamin C for its antioxidant, repairing and collagen-activating power.

- Illuminating Mask (Aloe & Lavender)
Our illuminating mask is for all skin types that need a little boost of radiance!

This mask is composed of active & organic ingredients that illuminate the skin like a charm! Thermal mud to even out the complexion, nourish & moisturize the skin in depth. The addition of shea butter to prolong the effects of hydration. A little palmarose oil to make the complexion luminous and radiant.

Anti-acne range - to soothe acne-prone skin
- Anti-acne face cream (Pure Lavender)
Our anti-acne face cream is a healthy, gentle & so effective option to control your skin's oil. It's thanks to aloe, antioxidants & zinc PCA that it conceals acne & helps reduce redness. For soothing and moisturizing skin!

- Anti-Acne Face Mask (Pure Lavender)
This mask is great for sensitive acne-prone skin! It is composed of active ingredients that greatly help control sebum & pimples.

The white clay allows for the complete absorption of sebum as well as the purification of the skin. Glycolic acid treats pimples, reduces pigmentation spots & makes the complexion more even. Finally, a little lavender to tighten pores & relieve skin irritation.

Anti-aging range - to slow down the signs of skin aging
- Anti-aging face cream (Peony & Lavender)
This moisturizing cream envelops the skin in a nourishing & comforting veil thanks to the peony root extract that provides anti-aging effects! It is its power on the depigmentation of brown spots that inspired us to create this softness.

It's also made with acetyl hexapeptide-8, which helps give the skin a more youthful appearance by drawing moisture from the skin & erasing expression lines. We also take advantage of aloe vera and lavender to help regulate sebum. A big favorite here!

- Anti-aging face mask to peel
And yes, our first peel-off mask! A sweetness in a tube, so effective to regain a smooth & healthy looking skin. It's made with ice wine extract to create a plumping effect, lavender to soothe redness and vitamins A & C to regenerate & illuminate the skin.

Simply apply it generously to the face evenly (avoid eyebrows and hairline). Then, leave it on for 20 minutes and you're done! The mask will be frozen into a peeling film.

Sensitive skin range - to moisturize the most fragile skin
- Cream gel for sensitive skin
We chose the gel cream texture for a soft, delicate & hyper moisturizing care. Thanks to active ingredients such as arnica flowers, lavender and small-leaf linden, this softness acts as a barrier to protect the skin from external aggressions and dryness.

- Soothing face mask for sensitive skin
A mask that does so much good for fragile skin. The secret of this formula lies in the virtues of arnica flowers, calendula, linden & lavender, which promote the suppleness & elasticity of the skin.

Skin care - to clean & moisturize
- Floral water for the face
Composed of lavender & sea water, our floral water revives, refreshes & moisturizes the skin. It is thanks to the vegetable glycerin that it fixes and illuminates the make-up like a charm! The addition of caffeine helps tone the skin & slow down the signs of skin aging.

Little tip: put it in the fridge between uses. It's the best product to refresh the skin in hot weather!

- Makeup Remover Oil
Our makeup remover oil is divine. It's designed for face & eyes, from a complex of rich, moisturizing plant oils.

We start with sunflower oil for its invigorating and repairing effects on the skin. Next, moringa oil for gentle cleansing. A little grape seed oil to relieve skin irritations, such as redness and even eczema. Finish with lavender essential oil for acne prevention (it also helps reduce the appearance of pimples)! The Dreamee.

-Facial Cleanser
Formulated with the benefits of lavender essential oil & the power of aloe, our face wash is ultra moisturizing, soothing and calming. It deeply cleanses facial skin & its formula is 100% biodegradable (a pride here)!

That's it! Thank you so much for shopping with us. We hope you like our little treatments. X