Our Flower diffuser: a huge creative work!

- Camille Brosseau

Notre diffuseur Fleur : un grand travail de création! || Our Flower diffuser: a huge creative work!


Today we wanted to share with you the creative process behind the Fleur diffuser, our own diffuser created entirely by us! And yes, a creative process comes with a lot of little challenges & big steps.

We decided to ask Lisiane & Caro (the two main creators of this masterpiece) some questions & share their answers with you!

1) What did you find most difficult in the creation process?
Lisiane: I think the hardest part was the waiting! We had such clear ideas of what we wanted, we almost wanted to do it with our own hands, but we needed the expertise of our partners.

Caro : Time (!!!) To ensure the making of a 100% custom diffuser, we have to consider several versions before being satisfied to the point of putting it on our shelves. We always keep an eye on the little details and we sincerely want to release the product that best represents La Maison.

2) What are you most proud of about the Fleur?
L: Of having created it from scratch. It was a long project & we were really picky, but in the end it was so worth it.

C: For having managed to reconcile the employees requests with our ideas. Our teams are constantly taking feedback from our clients, so we can say that they didn't make a mistake in sharing their needs!

3) What stage of creation takes the longest?
L: For me, it's the fine-tuning of the explanation sheet! Every word, every comma, every space is thought out so that the instructions are clear & above all, in our image.

C: The finish, the aesthetics & the little details to make the device unique. For example, we asked for two extra samples to make sure that the power button was shaped like a house (!!)

4) Why do you often talk about the explanation sheet?
L: Because it was a big job ahah! We tried to think of every single detail, everything that could raise a question so that it would really be a reference for every owner of the Fleur diffuser!

C: We love it because it is totally personalized! We were able to combine a lot of tips & tricks inside to make it easier to use the diffuser, but also to make sure we kept the feather & the aesthetics of the House!

That's it! It took us 2 years to create the diffuser of our dreams. We pinch ourselves to imagine our creation in the heart of your cozy nest. To immerse the House in a soft atmosphere.

Also, until April 17th, we offer you a free fragrance oil of your choice with the purchase of an electric diffuser from La Maison. This promotion takes place in all our physical stores and on our online store!