The product you need according to your astrological sign

- Marianne Goupil

Le produit qu'il te faut selon ton signe astrologique || The product you need according to your astrological sign


We had fun finding THE perfect product according to each astrological sign. Once again, we repeat that there is really nothing rocket science, just our inspis-products-astro-signs!

Here they are:

Aries — They are hard-working people, so we thought of our Natural diffuser to diffuse their favorite essential or scented oils during their long periods of work! 📝

Taurus — Our candles made with a wick of wood require a bit of time during the first ignitions, but with the unmatched patience of bulls, we are not worried that it will be love at first sight! 🕯️

Gemini — Sociable & charismatic, we think of the antibacterial gel 250ml to keep small microbes away through their social epics. Always convenient to have a bottle nearby! 🦠

Cancers — Known for their sensitivity, cancers will be charmed by the delicate Pure Lavender moisturizing lotion that envelops the whole body in a sweet fragrance. 🤍

Leos — In our eyes, if we had to choose a product for leos, it would be the foaming sugar scrub, because we believe it harmonizes perfectly with their effectiveness! 🧼

Virgos — Definitely the all purpose cleaner to fill their need to clean constantly! 🧽

Libras — The massage oil for their romantic side... or the lavender lip balm for sweet kisses. Difficult to choose between the two, their heart swings... 😉

Scorpios — They are very loyal to his loved ones so they will appreciate, in our opinion, the travel cup to share a good coffee with his dear friends. ☕

Sagittarius — The reusable bag (non-woven) so they are always ready for their spontaneous adventures. 🎒

Capricorns — the cleaning wipes because Capricorns are always so careful and far-sighted. They can be in " ready for damage" mode with this delicacy! ✨

Aquarius — To satisfy their intellectual side, we dare to believe that our notepad will become the best ally of Aquarians. 📓

Pisces — Their dreamy side makes us believe that Pure Lavender linen water is the ideal product for them. Delicately scented sleeps. 💤


We had a lot of fun finding the perfect product (in our opinion, of course) for each hihi sign! If you feel like it, we would be curious to know if our choices match your sign? You can write to us on Facebook, Instagram or even here via our email address