The ritual of the new moon

- Marianne Goupil

Le rituel de la nouvelle lune || The ritual of the new moon
According to our research & our numerous readings, the new moon would be a good time to settle down, recharge our batteries & start again on new bases (new moon - new beginning, it makes sense, doesn't it?). 

As it is a new moon evening (!!!) we wanted to present you some activities & creations of La Maison which, in our opinion, lend themselves perfectly to the idea of recharging & relaxing.

Take a bath to recharge your batteries: You won't be surprised, we are big fans of baths (!!!) Staying for hours & hours in the warm, moisturizing & relaxing water is a real pleasure. This little moment sincerely allows us to soothe our body & our head. Of course, we like to add a few of our delicacies to make the experience even more pleasant. We're thinking especially of our bubble bath that delicately scent our water & generously lather. They are incredibly soft!

Create a sacred space, protected from bad energies: It is believed that diffusing an essential or scented oil in a room could help purify the space & keep bad energies away. Smells have real impacts & benefits; they can affect our mood or remind us of distant memories, for example. Here, we like to use our Le Naturel diffuser to delicately diffuse our favorite fragrances. 

Write down your intentions and identify your goals: We recently learned that the new moon would definitely be the ideal time to manifest the things you want to attract for the coming months. If you're looking for the practical & blooming notebook to write down your intentions, we think our blooming notebook might appeal to you. Maybe it will even bring you some luck in your next manifestations!

Do a guided meditation: According to the knowledge we have acquired on the subject, meditation would be an excellent practice to reconnect with oneself. Meditation brings us back to the here and now. It allows us to let go of the past & the future. We did the test & the Palo Santo & Lavender candle candle is definitely our favorite to accompany us during our meditations.

Purify your sleep environment: Palo Santo (which means sacred wood in Spanish) is known for its purifying effects. This wood is said to help chase away negative energies. Before bedtime, we like to delicately spray Palo Santo & Lavender linen water on our sheets to wrap our little bed with this soft comforting scent (we use synthetic fragrance in our Palo Santo & Lavender collection, but we still like to dream about the benefits of Palo Santo wood!)

Take a moment to have fun: What better than an activity we like to do to reconnect with ourselves. Here, if we had to choose one or two products that make us happy, we would probably choose our milk bath powder - this delicacy of La Maison puts a balm on our little ailments. It deeply moisturizes the skin & soothes the fullest heads. Promised, a gentle restful sleep will follow. We also think of our chocolate bars. A delicate arrangement of lavender, caramel & chocolate to sweeten your beak, how to resist?

All these ideas are obviously proposals, there is nothing rocket science or study. We simply wanted to share with you little tips that according to us & our experiences promote relaxation & reconnecting with oneself because of this new moon.