The top 3 best products of February - according to La Maison Lavande's teams

- Marianne Goupil

Le top 3 des meilleurs produits de février - selon les équipes de la Maison || The top 3 best products of February - according to La Maison Lavande's teams

Hello, February! ❄️

To soften your visit, we surveyed each of La Maison Lavande's teams to present their top 3 products to favor during times when the sun & heat are more discreet – local delicacies that warm the heart & envelop the House. Who better than our precious Extended Family to share their essentials-comfort?

Promenades Saint-Bruno :

    1. The sugar scrub: Because we all know that during the winter, our skin tends to be drier. It is therefore important to take care of it & this delicacy with foaming sugar will leave your skin super soft! 
    2. The foot cream 👣 : The soy butter repairs & moisturizes while the mint & the lavender refresh & deodorize. It's a little luxury to treat yourself to just before bedtime. 🥰😴
    3. Woody scent & Lavender linen water : We love it on all textiles. It smells like heaven & it feels like being at the cottage on stormy days. Happiness in a bottle! 

Carrefour Laval:

    1. The dry oil: Gives a little boost of hydration to our skin and applies quickly, so when you get out of the shower you can get dressed faster. 😉
    2. The milk bath powder: So good for a warm & moisturizing bath that allows our skin to relax while hydrating. 🛁
    3. — All our face masks, but especially the peeling anti-age face mask - Peony & Lavender : Moisturizing, fresh and pleasant on the skin, easy to remove and relaxing. The best mask for an evening where you want to pamper yourself and relax! ♥️

Galeries de la Capitale in Quebec:

    1. The plumping lip care: A must to repair chapped lips.
    2. The Lavender veggie soup (!!!): A little pot that comforts & warms the soul (while filling our belly as it should). 🍲💜
    3. The Palo Santo & Lavender candle: It comforts & envelops the House with its soft reassuring scent! 🕯🍂

Carrefour de l'Estrie in Sherbrooke:

    1. The plumping lip care : Do we really need to explain ourselves...? Our chapped lips are so in need of the moisturizing & repairing benefits of this delicacy!😍
    2. Goat milk & Lavender soap: This product has great softness that soothes sensitive skin with its foam delicately scented with Lavender.
    3. The Blackberry & Lavender candle : In longer days, the Blackberry & Lavender candle leaves a soft and comforting atmosphere. Ideal for self-care evenings. 🕯💜

Centre Les Rivières in Trois-Rivières:

    1. Pure Lavender bubble bath: Just because it’s a comforting classic! How could you say no to a good bubble bath?!
    2. The Blackberry & Lavender moisturizing skin lotion: It envelops us with its hydration, its softness, and its sweet fragrance.
    3. Bonne nuit herbal tea: Our every night essential to be taken just before bedtime for a good night's sleep! A must in our evening routine!💜

Place du Royaume in Chicoutimi:

    1. Milk bath powder: Once again, this product is awesome to soothe dry skin dehydrated by the cold! Nothing better than a nice hot mily bath after a day outdoors!
    2. The plumping lip care: Not surprisingly, we think it's a must-have during winter! This lip treatment is deeply moisturizing & what can we say about its small and beautiful packaging! 
    3. The Pure Lavender foot cream: We highly recommend it for dry and cracked feet!!

Perfumery of Saint-Eustache:

    1. Dark chocolate bar with crunchy salted caramel & lavender infused: In February we celebrate Valentine's Day & we believe that this sweetness lends itself well to it. Because it's well known; flowers & chocolate is always a good idea! 🍫
    2. Clementine & Lavender silky lotion: The notes of clementines & crème brûlée remind us that the best is yet to come & that summer is not far away.
    3. Milk bath powder: When February rolls around, our skin can tend to get tired. She's vitamin C deficient, tight & dehydrated. The milk bath  powder helps to rehydrate the skin, but also to soothe the head & heart. 

Notre équipe - Centres commerciaux

The online store :

    1. Our lavender creamy honey: Delicious in a cup of hot water or even directly on toast. Plus, it helps to relieve sore throats!
    2. Palo Santo & Lavender scented oil: We are completely in love with this collection. Its notes of lemons, oud wood, palo santo, cedar, amber, leather & lavender instantly comfort us.
    3. The insothermal cup with a straw: Our ally to keep our coffees, hot chocolates & teas hot for long hours!!

Nos équipes - Boutique en ligne

Head office :

    1. The sugar scrub: It's one of our favorite product all year around! It gently removes small dead skin all over the body, face & even the scalp!
    2. The plumping lip care: It's a wonderful treatment for the lips & in our opinion, it's a must during the winter! This lip treatment deeply moisturizes & the packaging is sublime!
    3. — Dishwashing liquid: Yessss (!!!) It may sound a little surprising, but this gentle soap really does make the dishwashing task a little more enjoyable. It smells so good & cleans like a charm. 🧼

Nos équipes - Bureauchef

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