- Marjolaine et Nancie Ferron


That's it, the end of July is upon us. For us, the end of July always rhymes with a great harvest. The men of La Maison must put themselves in it.

Like everything else, we are totally dependent on nature for this aspect of our work. Even if we wanted it very hard, we could not afford to stretch flowering too long. Lavender has been blooming since mid-June. A month and dusts later, she begins to be more tired. To get a good harvest, we must cut our flowers before they are faded.

A lavender plant is like a small grove. We find first roots underground, the small plant just above, stems and pretty purple flowers. When cutting, cut just above the plant. So we end up with a ton of stalks and flowers, ready to be distilled. In other words, when we say that we "harvest lavender", we must know that we do not eliminate the plant in its entirety. We leave the small fragrant grove on the ground so that it will fall asleep for the winter and come back to us the summer after.

The ideal time for harvest is also a challenge. With the summer we know, it is even bigger! The sun and the great heat made us happy to welcome you in a big way, but made the task a little more difficult for the culture. After 11 years of growing lavender, we continue to learn every day. This summer was no exception. The heatwave was not expected to have as much impact on the flowering process. She arrived early, so explosively. Thanks to the hard work of the men of La Maison since last summer, it has been our best flowering to date, but we still evolve (and learn) at the same time. We kept you informed as we could on our social networks and it's a bit the same principle at this harvest time. A few days ago, we thought we would start the harvest in mid-July and the nights were refreshed. The bloom stagnated and continued to give us the best show. Our harvest work has been postponed.

Fortunately for you, the work (already started on this date) is done over several days. It's hard work. One part is done by hand, while the other is done with machinery. The important thing is not to weaken the plant, either by cutting too close to the ground or by shaking it too ardently. Boys must calculate, predict and be meticulous.

The harvesting work may end an incredible sight for the eyes, but if you knew what it offers us for the nose. When you manipulate lavender, it releases our favorite fragrance for days!

In short, we know a colorful summer (and it is the case to say it). Thanks to you & our love for agriculture, it's still the most beautiful of our history!

Psst! Know that you will have the chance to see a few rows in bloom until early August with the lavandin, this variety that knows a bloom later. And our high season continues until August 5th. So we can meet up at our bistro, around an iced coffee with lavender or in the animations carried out by our guides every day by then!