Care of lavender plants at home

- Marianne Goupil

L'entretien des plants de lavande à la Maison || Care of lavender plants at home
Do you have lavender plants at home or would you like to plant some soon?

Here are our best tips for taking good care of your little Lavender plants. Yes, growing lavender at home is possible!

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Tips for planting:

  • - Lavender grows in all types of soil except clay.
  • - Choose the sunniest spot on your property.
  • - Water only at planting time! Afterwards, rains will be sufficient. Lavender likes sun & dry soil.
  • - To make a hedge, plant the plants at a distance between 16 & 24 inches (45 to 60 cm).
  • - Blooming takes place from the end of June to the end of July. The first year, if your plant does not produce flowers, it is because it is putting down roots. It will bloom more beautifully the following years!
  • - If you want to make a lavender bouquet, cut the stems of the flowers when half of the buds are open.
  • - If you want to trim your plants, wait until the 3rd year. Trimming can be done after they bloom or in the spring, but not in the fall.

What to do with your plants in winter?

  • - Munstead lavender is more hardy, which makes it the most adapted to the Quebec climate. If you are concerned about frost, you can use straw or buy a winter cover to protect your plant. Otherwise, snow is the best insulator and should suffice.
    *Avoid at all costs materials that contain humidity such as Styrofoam!

& during spring?

  • — Don't worry if your plant turns gray. It's not dead, it is still asleep. Before tearing, wait at least until mid-June.

How to grow lavender in pots?

  • — Lavender is a perennial and is therefore intended to be planted outdoors. However, growing it indoors is possible. It will be necessary to place the plant in a pot of the appropriate size, near a window exposed to the sun & water it when the soil is dry.

Last spring, we also made this little video where Daniel tells you a little about lavender plants at home. You can watch it right here! 

That's it! If you ever have any questions or concerns about your lavender plants, we are really always close to help you! X