The daily joys of our teams

- Marianne Goupil

Les bonheurs du quotidien de nos équipes || The daily joys of our teams

The return to routine is gradually settling in & we were curious to know the little joys that the employees of La Maison establish on a daily basis to soften the routine. Small gestures that create small joys during this duller & colder time of the year. 

  • Marc-André — Manager of the online store: My little pleasure of everyday life is clearly when I listen to a documentary on a "true crime" with a glass of wine!
  • Jessie — Customer Experience Clerk: For me, enjoying a bottle of bubbles by a fireplace is synonymous with great joy!
  • Stephanie — Purchasing Clerk: My little joy of the week is when it's finally bath time! I love listening to my favorite shows on my iPad while I'm taking my bath filled with the delicacy of La Maison (& obviously, I stay simmering there for way too long)!
  • Marjolaine — Vice-President Communication & Marketing and Partner: A cold chocolate every morning, ultra hot long showers (I often sit in the shower to create an imitation of a spa) & dinners in front of the TV with my family... That's the joys of everyday life X
  • Marie-Claude — Shop Coordinator: Personally, there is nothing better than a good brunch with friends, extra sausages, and extra potatoes for extra pleasure!!
  • Marianne — Creative Clerk: During the winter, I can't help but wear soft stockings previously washed with a detergent of La Maison. It brings a little sweetness to my day & I feel like I'm keeping a piece of my pajamas. It's really comforting, I think.  
  • Émilie — Perfumery Manager: An hour before going to sleep, I like to turn on my Fleur diffuser & take a moment to read a good book, well installed under the covers delicately scented with linen water. A little less screen daily feels really good! 
  • Florence — Managing & Associate Director: I always listen to audiobooks or documentary podcasts to make a household chord a fun job. I also take a moment every morning, during the first sips of my first coffee to be grateful for the life I have, it's precious.
  • Laury-Ann — Content Creator: I treat myself to a girls' dinner with friends at least once a week! It's so precious for me to share a moment with them & it does a lot of good for morale.
  • Lisiane — Communication & Web Coordinator: Embroidery, enjoy iced latte & listening podcasts for me (!!!)
  • Marie-Hélène — Project Coordinator & Graphic Designer: Enjoy a little fondue with my loved one in front of a TV show, every week, please!
  • Caroline — Vice President of Operations: Cooking meals in my kitchen, all accompanied by a glass of wine. That's really my definition of everyday happiness!
  • Anna — Bookkeeper: I love making myself a good latte & watching Netflix series.
  • Audrey — Marketing Supervisor: Putting on music after dinner and dancing with my daughters!! Otherwise these days I listen to the podcast "Couple Ouvert" where I can listen to couple's meetings. I find it hilarious!
  • Marie-Claude — Online Store Coordinator: Happiness: A good homemade brunch with delicious coffee. All tasted in front of a good TV series!
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