The differences between our Le Fleur and Le Naturel diffusers

- Marianne Goupil

Les différences entre nos diffuseurs Le Fleur et Le Naturel || The differences between our Le Fleur and Le Naturel diffusers

Today is big launch day (!!!)

It is after several months of work that we present you (finally) our brand new electric diffuserLe Naturel 🤍

Honestly, we are completely in love with this diffuser that will delicately perfume your Home. It has been thought & created by the big family to diffuse your favorite essential & scented oils.

If you are ever looking for a diffuser or you are simply curious to discover this new creation of La Maison — we thought we would present you some similarities & differences between Le Fleur & Le Naturel, our two sublime diffusers.

We hope that this will enlighten you in your choice x



 — The first thing that we think of is definitely how they look. Le Naturel brings us into another universe, completely. We are talking here about a much more refined, raw look. We decided to work with ceramics for a more natural effect, hence the name. 

— We also wanted to integrate LED light in Le Naturel, just like Le Fleur. We think that these are great night lights in a room or the perfect brightness during a good relaxing bath. This time, unlike Le Fleur, we opted for a softer, more subtle light, which is why only the button in the shape of a House lights up for the Natural. 

— The price differs slightly between the two. The materials chosen, such as ceramics, & the quality of these partly justify this price difference of fifteen dollars between our two diffusers.  



 — For safety reasons, it was important for us that our two diffusers stop broadcasting once their 100ml water tank is empty. So there is no fear to have on this side!

— We really wanted the broadcast area to be the same for our two diffusers. Le Fleur & Le Naturel delicately perfume spaces of 320 ft² & less. Immerse your bedroom, bathroom, or even your office in a soft universe. 

— Le Naturel & Le Fleur are electric diffusers, which means they both need to be plugged into the wall to work.

— We decided to also offer the option of streaming or intermittent mode for the Natural, so you can choose the one you prefer. Le Fleur & Le Naturel offer a broadcast time of up to 6 hours (!!!)

— Our two diffusers are the same size, 3.5 x height 5.75 inches. In our eyes, this is the ideal size! They can be placed on a bedside table, near the sink in a bathroom, or even on a piece of furniture in an entrance. We promise you that they magnify the decor every time!

— All of the La Maison diffusers have a one-year warranty, with proof of purchase, of course. If your diffuser present small problems, just contact us or come visit us in one of our physical stores with your invoice so that we can watch everything with you. 


We can already imagine this new delicacy in your cozy little nests & we pinch ourselves! Thank you for living all this with us x