The best purchases of the Cyberweekend: 30% discount

- Marianne Goupil

Les meilleurs achats du Cyberweekend: 30% de réduction || The best purchases of the Cyberweekend: 30% discount
The holiday frenzy is palpable here. The Cyber weekend is such an important moment for us. It's our biggest gift of the year. Our hearts throb so fast at the thought of being able to experience this with you again this year. The whole family gets together to answer your questions & pack your little delicacies. Each of your orders is so precious to us, thank you sincerely.

As mentioned, this is our biggest gift of the year, so we wanted to share with you our favorite products to ABSOLUTELY get, during this great promotion.

Are you ready? Here they areeee:

Candle: Our scented candles are made from soy wax and wood wick. Their crackling and sweet fragrance can quickly become a slight addiction. we LOVE them! Here is an opportunity to stack up (héhé!).

Regular price: $21.95 - Reduced price: $15.37

Le Fleur: Our electric diffuser in reduction (!!) If you knew how we love it. So much a beautiful way to gently perfume your home by adding a few drops of essential or fragrant oil.

Regular price: $59.95 - Reduced price: $41.97

Milk bath powder: For people who love baths! Marjo would tell you that it is impossible to have too much Milk Powder in reserve & this biggest sale is the perfect opportunity to get this delicacy for a smaller price... MANY times over. Our milk powder is so gentle for delicate, more sensitive skin & it helps to get back to sleep.

Regular price: $22.95 - Reduced price: $16.07

Pink salt diamonds: For a bath that soothes articular, arthrosis, and muscular pain; that eliminates toxins. A miracle product to have at home.

Regular price: $22.95 - Price with promotion: $16.07

Sugar scrub: Our exfoliator can be used on the body, face, and even in the hair! (Personally, I always buy 2 jars at a time, so I never run out!)

Regular price: $19.95 - Price with promotion: $13.97 

Dry oil: To you, the most sublime skin. Our dry oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin in addition to magnifying its appearance thanks to gentle active ingredients.

Regular price: $24.95 - Price with promotion: $17.47

Silky lotion: Our silky milk is infinitely sweet. It moisturizes delicate skin with soothing active ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, grape seed oil & lavender. & what to say about its charming perfume.

Regular price: $24.95 - Price with promotion: $17.47

Antibacterial gel: To receive your loved ones during the holidays safely. In addition (a big plus even), it leaves a pleasant perfume on your hands.

Regular price 500ml: $24.95 - Price with promotion: $17.47

Linen water: We could not miss this product that is so adopted here. Linen water can be sprayed on pillowcases, sheets, cushions, curtains, carpets and any fabric car seats. It's impossible to have too much!

Regular 1L price: $32.95 - Price with promotion: $23.07

Detergent: Our laundry detergent is so exceptional. It's true that it's sometimes more expensive than what you'd find in supermarkets, but trust us, you'll never want to wash your pajamas with another detergent again! Phosphate free and hypoallergenic, it's so gentle on baby clothes & lingerie too. Plus, it leaves a light scent on textiles. This time of year is the time to get the best of the best & here it is!

Regular price: $19.95 - Price with promotion: $13.97

That's it, happy shopping! For all the details about the Cyberweekend conditions, it's right here
*Taxes are not included in the above prices.