- Marjolaine Ferron


We may not be celebrating a wedding directly at La Maison for now (for the reasons explained here), but we are happy to say that we participated in a few unions by signing the guest gifts! It's an original way to add a touch of local products to your wedding and that could not make us more proud! Here are some ideas of nice guest gifts for your big days:

Creamy honey

A gourmet gift is always a safe source! It is a gift that is offered to men as well as women. It is promised that all guests will enjoy this creamy, lavender-flavored honey made in collaboration with the neighboring honey house. It's impossible to resist!

Pure Lavender Candle (or Flowers and Undergrowth)

What's great about this idea is that we can have fun through our different collections. The easiest way to make our guests enjoy the sweet candles of the House is to offer the Pure Lavender candle to everyone. After, one can choose to divide according to the sexes of the guests. According to us, the women will be conquered by the collection White Flowers & Lavender with notes of jasmine, magnolia, apple blossoms and lavender while men will be surprised by the candle underwood and Lavender. The latter is reminiscent of woody and spicy notes.

60ml Linen water

This is your favorite and it is now available in small practical size. Not only your guests can enjoy at home, they can enjoy the evening even by spraying on their sheets to facilitate sleep!

Good night herbal tea

The Good Night herbal tea is also a gift that offers a charm to all guests of the wedding. She is adored because of her incredible benefits to promote sleep and facilitate digestion.

"After the wedding" kit

You may not believe it, but it's the idea of ​​Maripier Morin who’s marriage took place in London in 2017. She contacted us to add some lavender to her decor and she let herself be charmed by our products. She started the idea of ​​a first aid kit for the difficult future ... and we loved it! She handed the kit to each of her guests. It included foot cream, frost gel, “Un Petit Remontant” tea and hand cream. Essentials to get by more easily, what! In addition, we now offer a travel kit that contains small practical sizes. Even easier to slip into a "wedding day bag"!

Hoping to have inspired you! You can write to for details in case of larger order. She takes care of everything!