What's new for the 2022 high season!

- Camille Brosseau

Les nouveautés de la haute-saison 2022! || What's new for the 2022 high season!
It's almost the opening of our agrotourism site (June 24) & we have some great new features for the 2022 high season.

Here are some highlights:
  • This year, we will be open on Thursdays AND Fridays nights in July (until 9pm!!!). We let you imagine your happy hour in the middle of the flowery countryside...

  • Say hello to Friday evenings AND Sunday lunches in July with music! It's a real experience to live a nice show in the open air, rocked by the talent of the artists who come to La Maison.

  • Did you know that our boho table is back! A package created so that you can enjoy a moment with family & friends, around a large table set up in the middle of the fields (for all questions/reservations, just send an email to karolannouellette@maisonlavande.ca)!

  • Our bistro will double in size this year! It's been a lot of work since last year. Our goal was to become even more efficient & fast at the bistro and let's just say it required a few more frozen yogurt machines... (YES!). We're also taking advantage of our expansion to add a few refreshments to our menu... but let's keep some surprises!

  • To offer more space & freedom to your shopping experience, we have chosen to convert the express store into a second small perfumery! All products will be available in the House next door.
We hope to see you in our flowery fields (very soon!). X