New features of the agrotourism site for summer 2023

- Marianne Goupil

Les nouveautés du site agrotouristique pour l'été 2023 || New features of the agrotourism site for summer 2023

Friday, June 23 marks the start of our 2023 high season at La Maison (!!) This year, we wanted to renew, to review the bistro menu, the atmosphere in the fields & the activities offered during your visits.

Last May, we launched our new Coco & Lavande collection, a fragrance reminiscent of travel, sun & sand. We were also greatly inspired by this latest creation for the new products offered in the fields this summer.

Without further ado, here are the new features of the agrotourism site for the summer of 2023:

In the fields :

- Audio guide: We are starting strong with this great addition - an audio guide in the fields (!!!) Before the pandemic, we offered our visitors, during the high season, guided tours in the Lavender fields, where we presented the history of La Maison & certain notions about this amazing flower (its benefits, its history, how to harvest it). It is not an activity that has returned to our fields since the start of the pandemic, but the demand was there.
We therefore decided to review the concept by now offering audioguides. 5 small audio recordings, independent of each other, of a maximum duration of 5 minutes under the themes of;

- The virtues of lavender
- The history of Maison Lavande
- The cultivation of lavender & its challenges
- The transformation
- The history of the buildings,
- & a video about growing Lavender at home - where Daniel answers the most frequently asked questions

To listen to the capsules & the video, it's very simple! There will be small pellets with QR codes available in the fields this summer. Just scan them with your cell phone to be redirected to the page where you can listen to them. & Well, that's it! Enjoy!

- New dried flower wall: We wanted to spruce up this popular spot for taking pictures! We added natural pampas, palm leaves, dried Palms spear, pink and white hydrangeas, and white myrtles. The whole thing gives a sublime result in beige & brown hues, reminiscent of hot weather, and the scenery of the Mediterranean.

- Palm trees: iiiii, we decided to do that, yes! If we can't move the House to the tropics, why not bring the tropics the House? We added 6 real palm trees in the fields!

- A beach: Yes, yes you read that right! We received a delivery of sand in the fields to create a small beautiful beach! A sublime place to take pictures, read a book, or get a tan! 😎

At the bistro:

- Coco & Lavender frozen bar - vegan: It's more than possible that we eat 1 Coco & Lavender frozen treat a day so much we salivate thinking about this bar. It's creamy, refreshing, slightly sweet, just what you're looking for when you have a little craving in summer! In addition, this new snack is vegan!

- Water can: A can in the colors of La Maison which contains reverse osmosis water to replace plastic water bottles. Is it possible to love a can of water? The answer is yes, we confirm it - she is beautiful!

- Lemon & lavender cookie: Our delicious brownie, scones & shortbread cookie will be back at the bistro this year, but we are also adding a soft lemon & lavender cookie to our menu. it's DE-LI-CIOUS!

- Coconut & Lavender simple syrup: A succulent little addition to your iced coffees! A slightly sweet syrup with the taste of Coco & Lavender to take you on a journey after a few sips. Don't worry, our Lavender Simple Syrup is still available too! ;)


& voila, the new features for this year's agritourism site! Of course, you are more than welcome to come and discover them at La Maison! We welcome you in our fields, every day, from June 23 to August 20!

For all the details about our Lavender fields, it's here!