Products to prioritize during winter: comfort, please!

- Marianne Goupil

Les produits à privilégier l'hiver: du réconfort svp! || Products to prioritize during winter: comfort, please!

We have a real passion for comfort.

Even if we are already impatient to return to summer (it's the truth!), we like to create small moments of calm and relaxation with our enveloping products.

Here are the creations of La Maison Lavande that make us feel good every day!

Plumping lip care — No more chapped lips! This wonder is a nourishing treatment for the lips thanks to its oligopeptides, the wax and natural oils such as hemp oil which is rich in Omega-6. Its practical size will find a small place in your handbag, your pencil chest, or directly in your coat pockets. (Audrey's favorite)

Milk bath powder — Composed of milk and coconut oil to preserve skin elasticity, baking soda to calm skin irritations & cornstarch to soothe irritated skin, our milk powder is a wonder for winter bathing. (Stephanie's favorite)

Hand cream — We love it for its hydration. Shea & soy butters make this delicacy a wonder for small dehydrated skin. Her little extra: it penetrates quickly into the skin! (Anna's favorite)

Moisturizing skin lotion — Mango butter, present in this beautiful product, provides the skin with maximum hydration. Apply all over the body to wrap yourself in softness(Lisiane's favorite)

Sugar scrub — It's important to exfoliate your skin & especially in winter! Our exfoliant gently removes dead skin (those found on the surface of the skin) to facilitate the application and penetration of products subsequently applied into the epidermis. Hello efficiency! (Marianne's favorite)

Silky lotion — For our minis, which also need softness during this period. Tested under dermatological control, our Silky Milk moisturizes delicate skin with soothing active ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, grape seed oil & lavender. An emulsifier derived from olive oil is used to provide a lightweight, deeply moisturizing and non-irritating formulation. Promised, its sweet fragrance will bring comfort to your evening routine. (Marie-Claude's favorite)

Candles — Immerse your home in a warm atmosphere with our scented candles. Made from crackling wood wicks, our candles accompany wonderfully the evenings relaxation(Laury-Ann's favorite)

We're hoping that these products can put a little balm on your winter days!