Maison Lavande facial treatments: tested here!

- Marianne Goupil

Les soins pour le visage de la Maison Lavande: testés ici! || Maison Lavande facial treatments: tested here!

Maison Lavande products have been an important part of my skincare routine for a long time. I consider myself a big fan of these little delicacy for several years already!

On the occasion of the great current promotion on our face care products (25% reduction until January 25, 2023 in all physical & online stores*), I wanted to share with you my experience as a consumer & as a former sales consultant on the various facial treatments found at Maison Lavande.

I mainly sectioned everything by needs, simply to facilitate reading & clearly target the characteristics of each product line.🧖🏼‍♀️

Facial treatments for all skin types:

Face cleanser : This face wash literally saved my acne-prone skin! Since adding this little delicacy to my skincare routine, I have seen a big improvement. My skin shows less redness and blemishes are becoming increasingly rare. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a gentle yet effective face wash. It is formulated with the benefits of lavender essential oil and the power of aloe, resulting in an ultra hydrating, soothing & calming product! Little extra: It is 100% biodegradable!!

Sugar scrub: To try it is to adopt it! This creation of La Maison is part of my top 3; I can not do without it! I love it for its creamy foam & especially for its multiple functions. I use it on my face, on my body & my scalp (yes!!!!), both in the shower and in the bath. It is essential to exfoliate your skin to unclog pores & thus avoid breakouts. The foaming sugar exfoliator also promotes skin cell renewal while leaving skin feeling senselessly soft. A dream!

Floral face mist: Your best ally on hot days! I always keep it in my fridge to cool me down or to help me wake up in the morning! This small water spray is a must, in my opinion, to have in your gym bag for a little freshness after physical exertion. I also use it to set my makeup! It revives, refreshes & hydrates the skin thanks to lavender and seawater. It also helps to tone & slow down the signs of skin aging thanks to caffeine.

Cleaning wipes: These small bamboo viscose cleaning wipes are so practical & soft. I love that they can be used to cleanse skin, hands & even the face. I always keep a small pack in my car, they are perfect for all those times when you don't have the time or the opportunity to use soap and water. A very simple, gentle, refreshing & even moisturizing solution!
A quick tip: they're also amazing for cleaning surfaces like the steering wheel in the car or the high chair in the restaurant!

Facial treatments for skin that needs radiance:

Luminous face cream: This face cream restores radiance to the skin. It is made from aloe, allantoin, hyaluronic acid & vitamins (B5, E) which nourish & hydrate the skin. What I particularly like about this cream is that it also contains vitamin C, an active ingredient known for its antioxidant, repairing & collagen activating power!

Thermal mud illuminator face mask: This product was a great discovery for me! Thanks to thermal mud & shea butter, it leaves the skin incredibly soft. Unlike other masks I've tried in the past, this one is very comfortable & doesn't tug the skin at all. It is perfect for more sensitive skin & is a very good ally to fight winter dryness!

Facial treatments for more delicate skin:

— The sensitive skin face gel-cream. This is my favorite face cream during the summer. Its gel texture is divine, and incredibly light on the skin. It is great for dehydrated & sensitive skin. For a fresh effect or to reduce the swelling of the skin (particularly present in the morning), I leave my tube in the fridge! The flowers of arnica, lavender, and small-leaved linden act as a barrier to protect the skin from external aggressions and dryness, I like it a lot!

Sensitive skin soothing face mask: I recommend this mask to anyone who wants to bring a dose of hydration to their skin, gently. I like to apply a thin layer to my face before I go to sleep. Believe me, your skin will be plumped when you wake up! It soothes and promotes the suppleness & elasticity of the skin thanks to the virtues of arnica flowers, calendula, lime blossom & lavender. We recommend it for people with more sensitive skin.

Little tip: This range is my secret weapon against bad sunburn! It gently soothes the skin & its cooling effect does a world of good.

Facial treatments for acne-prone skin or in need of a little renewal: 

Anti-acne face cream: When small imperfections arise, I always turn to this cream! What I love is that it reduces the appearance of blemishes without drying out the skin. It controls sebum, reduces redness, soothes, remineralizes & hydrates in addition. It also contains antioxidants and zinc PCA to conceal acne.

Purifying anti-acne face mask: I like to use this mask in a localized way. I apply a small amount directly to my blemishes before I go to sleep to reduce redness & inflammation. Lavender also helps promote healing.

Facial treatments for mature skin or in great need of hydratation:

Anti-aging hydrating cream: A nameless sweetness. For me, this creation of the House has several essential benefits. First of all, the peony root extract has power on the depigmentation of brown spots & on acne scars. Then, aloe vera & lavender help regulate sebum. Dry skin will love this little creation that envelops the skin in a nourishing & comforting balm! It also contains valuable peptides that help to give a younger appearance to the epidermis by attracting moisture to the skin and which can help erase expression lines, for example.

Peeling anti-age face mask: A peel off mask that is easily removed, yes! A softness in a tube, effective to find skin that looks smoother, younger & so healthy. If you are a fan of face care like me, here is my tip: take advantage of your long trips by car or even by plane to apply this wonder. You don't need water to remove it, so it can be applied anytime, anywhere! Icewine extract creates a plumping effect after application. Lavender soothes redness, while Vitamins A & C offer regeneration & illumination to delicate facial skin.

Little tip: Even if the range is called "anti-aging", there is no age to start using it. It has been thought out & designed to meet specific needs, but its formula is a real charm whether you are 10 or 106 years old.

Lip care:

Lavender lip balm: It moisturizes the lips naturally & gently thanks to vegetable oils, natural beeswax & vitamin E. Its small size is practical to slip into a handbag, in a pencil case or in the pockets of your a coat!

Plumping lip care! This is THE product that I always have close to me! This nourishing lip treatment deeply hydrates. It fixes my chapped lips every time! It's also great to use as a base before applying lipstick. A little extra: its container is as pretty as anything & above all practical!

& our delicate accessories:

Makeup remover pads: These pretty bamboo fleece make-up remover pads are reusable & organic (yes, yes)! Softness for the skin. I like to use these when I cleanse my face with the Pure Lavender Face Wash. They are machine washable, so maintenance is super simple.

Mask applicator:  A dream tool to apply masks like a charm without getting your fingers full! I always use it when I apply my anti-aging mask, it's a great duo!


That completes my review of La Maison Lavande facial treatments. I hope you will be able to select the treatments that will suit your needs. If you have any questions, don't forget that we are always there to answer you - whether it's on the chat here, on our social networks, or by email & in stores!

*Conditions apply!