The vacations begin, what do we bring?

- Marianne Goupil

Les vacances commencent, qu'est-ce qu'on apporte ? || The vacations begin, what do we bring?
It's finally the vacations (!!) & here we have some essentials that we always carry with us during our getaways! Delicacies that, over the years, have created a place of choice in our luggage.

We present them to you right here while telling you why we love them so much. Who knows, you might find your new favorite product from La Maison that will follow you everywhere you travel!

— La Maison Lavande's first creation that comes to mind when we say the word vacation is definitely our new lined travel bag - wavy. Its practical format will allow you to store all the products you need during your trip!

— Protect yourself from the sun in the most sublime way possible with our bucket hat! A cute little purple hat that will complete your vacation outfits while protecting your scalp & face from the sun's rays. We even have a version for minis (!!) Hello to the family photos with the same bucket hat! 🥹

— The lavender to go (!!) this delicacy that relieves insect bites like a charm. Simply apply lightly to the desired area to reduce inflammation & itching. You can even apply it before going outside (to be preventive) - the scent of lavender does not particularly appeal to insects!

— Vacations also mean spend time under the warm rays of sun & our dry oil is a delicacy to hydrate the whole body. It magnifies the appearance of the skin thanks to these active ingredients. After a day in the sun, you will be delighted to have it nearby. You can even put a small amount in your hair. Pssst: We must admit that we have a certain weakness for our dry oil Coconut & Lavender during the summer!

— Our shampoos & conditioners bars are gentle to clean the hair while moisturizing deeply, a nice little extra for hair damaged by the sun! As these are solid shampoos, there is no need to worry about small damage in your suitcase.

— If you are planning a visit to the beach during your vacation, it is believed that the reusable coton bag cabas is ideal for lugging your essentials: towel, snacks, sunscreen, swimsuit, water bottle, sunglasses, your favorite book, your bucket hat - everything will find its place, promise!

— A favorite product of la Maison since its release: the sugar scrub! These sugar granules are sublime to eliminate small dead skin & thus make your skin super soft. It can even be applied to the scalp! We especially like to use it after a day at the beach to remove excess sunscreen & sand in our hair.

— We also think of our scented lavender powders, this creation of la Maison with multiple functions! We like to sprinkle it in the sheets, in the sleeping bag, between the thighs, in the hair, in the shoes, in short everywhere to perfume, absorb moisture & reduce bad odors.

— A product that we can no longer do without in our daily lives & even less during our escapades: cleaning wipes! These small wet wipes clean like a charm while being delicate on the skin. After a picnic on the beach, ice cream at the amusement park, or popcorn at the drive-in - no worries, you'll be clean clean clean!


That's it, happy & sweet vacations! X