The story behind our new collection - Coco & Lavender

- Marianne Goupil

L'histoire derrière notre nouvelle collection - Coco & Lavande || The story behind our new collection - Coco & Lavender
THIS IS IT (or almost), we are launching our new collection Coco & Lavender on May 4th (!!!)

Each collection has its own challenges & work, as you can imagine. There is a lot of trial and error, a lot of team brainstorming & a whole lot of patience. All this to bring to life the vision, the fragrance we had imagined in our heads.

All our collections have their story & we're especially excited to share Coco & Lavender's with you. 🥥

Where did the idea for Coco & Lavender come from:

People have been asking us a lot about pairing lavender with coconut & it's understandable, these two notes work so well together. However, with this thirst to think further, we wanted to take a moment to identify other notes that would harmonize & that would nicely represent what we visualized for this collection. Travel, the beach, Mediterranean scenery, salty air, the sun, sandstone walls, the pampas, these are the images that lulled us during the development of Coco & Lavender.

We also had to take the time to try the different assemblies and test them in products, then on ourselves. It is finally after a few tests & several months that we found the perfect balance between sunshine and enveloping.

The notes behind this collection:

Coco & Lavender is a universe of light that warms the heart and the mind. Its notes of coconut, almond and apricot are reminiscent of a beach vacation. The notes of cream & lavender cover us with sweetness and for a touch of sensuality, we rely on tonka bean, sandalwood and musk.

  • - Top notes: coconut, almond, apricot
  • - Middle notes: sweet cream & lavender
  • - Base notes: vanilla, tonka bean, musk & sandalwood

We sincerely think that people who are in love with creamy, sunny notes & who don't necessarily like that very generic coconut scent you might expect will be charmed by this collection.

The illustration:

We decided to work once again with the talented Joannie Houle (who also signed our Clementine & Lavender and Hazelnut & Lavender collections). We recognize her work by its playful, very artistic touch.

The illustration of Coco & Lavender was done quickly as we shared the same vision; images of travel & salty breeze, coconut milk & coconut cream, as well as warmth. After a few calls & moodboards - in just two attempts, it was done!

We can't wait to see you discover Coco & Lavender in all its magnificence, to see it take its place in your homes as it did in our hearts.

We're still pinching ourselves for creating this enveloping & irresistible collection. Available May 4, at 10am.