Our back to school essentials

- Lisiane Fleury

Nos essentiels pour le retour en classe||Our back to school essentials
Back to school is coming up fast & what better way to ease back into the routine than with flowers! We consulted our team to find out their must-haves & thus, concoct a little list of back-to-school essentials for you!

So here are the delicacies we thought of for you!🍎✏️

 Cleaning Wipes - Pure Lavender: The little ones to always keep in your backpack or even in your locker! A leaky lunch, a sticky school book, a little trace of ketchup on the edge of your mouth? No problem, you can clean it up in seconds with these bamboo viscose wipes. (Marjo's essential!)

 Reusable Cotton Bag: Our best friend for carrying work, lunch, and extra clothes! Not only is it beautiful, but it's practical as well. (Marie-Claude's essential!)

 Antibacterial gel: One of the must-have products that we have become accustomed to carrying around with us in the last few years! We are totally under the spell of its effectiveness thanks to the lavender among others. Combined with a concentration of 70% alcohol, it's a very effective gentle product. (Flo & Audrey's essential!)

 Pure Lavender Linen Water: We know how stressful September can be with all those to-do lists. In order to immerse yourself in a world of calm before bedtime, spray a little linen water on your bedding and pajamas to help you sleep. It's also great on clothes or on the backpack before leaving the house! (Nancie's essential!)

 Hand Creams: La Maison's hand creams are so soft and smooth. A dream to moisturize the skin between seasons (Caro's essential!)

 Lavender to go: To carry the virtues of the essential oil everywhere. Roll the applicator ball on your wrists before the big mornings and you're ready to reduce stress and anxiety! (Lis' essential!)

— Laundry detergent: Simply to have clothes that smell like heaven! Back to school means back to routine and our laundry detergent can certainly help make it a little more enjoyable! A comforting feeling assured. (Setph's essential!)

 Candles: Because the warm August wind coming through the windows, gently scented by an autumn candle, is a dream for the evening atmosphere. (Marie Helene's essential)

 Sugar Foaming Scrub: The sugar foaming scrub is a dream to cleanse and purify the skin to the desired degree of exfoliation. The formulation becomes a creamy foam as it is massaged into the skin. Perfect delicacy to start a new chapter. (Emilie's essential!)

Reusable tumbler with straw: This novelty is sublime for back to school, its lid is leak-proof, it is suitable for hot & cold drinks & it is small in size to easily carry it everywhere. A real essential! (essential of Marianne)

Le Naturel electric diffuser: Work & study sessions are sweeter when they are delicately scented. I often opt for our green tea scented oil - I particularly appreciate its softness & the touch of freshness it brings. (essential of Jessie)

Lined travel kit: A sublime pouch to put your pencils, calculator, notepad, packet of gum, plumping care & other small essentials that you want to have close by during the day. (essential of Anna)

Milk bath powder: Back to school sometimes also means back to a busy schedule: rushed mornings, lunches, the pile of homework. It is important to take a moment to recharge & relax a little after the craziness of the day to calm our heads. (essential of Joanie)

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