Notre précieux détergent à lessive, enfin décliné (!!!)

- Lisiane Fleury

Notre précieux détergent à lessive, enfin décliné (!!!)
Laundry detergent has been a favorite at La Maison Lavande for many years now & has become a must-have for so many people (us included!). It's a true softness that stands out thanks to its ecological, eco-responsible & biodegradable formulation. In the past few months, we've decided to do something crazy with this incredible product in our latest collection; White Cotton & Lavender. It was so well received & quickly adopted that we decided to go even further.

It is with great happiness & butterflies in the stomach that we present you our laundry detergent, now declined in OUR MOST BELOVED COLLECTIONS (!!!!!!)

Yes, we did it! We're still pinching ourselves to find our favorite collections in the form of soft laundry detergent. Here are the official versions of this little wonder in a bottle:

- White Flowers & Lavender (New!)
- Peony & Lavender (New!)
- Blackberry & Lavender (New!)
- Underwood & Lavender (New!)
- Aloe & Lavender (New!)
- Pure Lavender
- White Cotton & Lavender

Phosphate-free and hypoallergenic, these detergents are great for delicate clothes & a dream for sheets and other textiles.
They are suitable for conventional and HE washers.

The laundry detergents are available on our online store (right here!) as well as at our Motherhouse in Saint-Eustache. We can't wait to know your favorite!

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