- La Maison Lavande


You may know that we are passionate about House perfumes! Just the idea of ​​entering our home and the rooms are delicately scented, it makes us dream. Depending on our desires and seasons, we walk from one perfume to another and that's why we created several collections. To offer you the choice.

Speaking of choice, there are several methods to veil our pieces with a sweet, healthy fragrance. Here are some of our ideas:

1. Electric diffuser

This is probably the most effective method to perfume your environment healthily and quickly. The beauty of the thing is that we can have fun with aromatherapy and wander according to our desires and our needs. We already know the benefits of essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus (promote relaxation, relaxation, sleep, reduce anxiety, clear the airways ...), but fragrant oils are just as appreciated! Here, we each have our favorites.

- White flowers and lavender: faithful to our romantic collection, she is loved for her floral and feminine notes. Apple blossom, jasmine, magnolia & lavender, the favorite blend of many members of the team here!

- Aloes & lavender: my sister often says that this collection smells of water, hydration. It is true that the scented oil is refreshing.

- Undergrowth & lavender: just like our more masculine collection, this woody scented oil is the favorite of girls like me who loves to smell men's perfumes at the pharmacy. Specifically, it is cut hay, musk, oakmoss, lavender & charm (I admit having added the last component).

- Cotton flower: this one so that the House feels clean. Cotton blossom is a bit like the clothes that dry on the clothesline in the spring.

- Rose: an oil scented with rose, which releases romanticism and femininity, quite simply.

- Magnolia: once again, flower lovers will be served. The magnolia scented oil is happiness in the bottle (when we love the floral notes, I agree). It smells like summer!

- Musk: this scented oil is one of the important notes of the undergrowth and lavender collection. I admit that it always surprises me and again by its softness.

- Cucumber: the freshness, simply. What we particularly like is that it's not too sweet and dresses the House with a summer veil that warms the heart. People love it so much that it's out of stock, but it is promised that in March, you will see it again.

All of the House's broadcasters work the same way; with a little water and a few drops of essential or scented oil. It's simple and above all, so safe. As soon as the water and oil supply is emptied, the appliance switches off.

I take this opportunity to tell you that a promotion is currently underway on our online store: until February 25, we offer you a scented oil of your choice as soon as you let yourself be tempted by the Aroma Dot black or white ! No promotional code is required. It can easily perform for a good 4 hours before going out and perfumes an entire floor (easily).

2. Reed Diffuser

The reputation of the reed diffusers is well established! The pretty glass bottle & reeds charmed more than one; it's beautiful, it's effective and it's simple! Only the reeds are responsible for diffusing the perfume in the air. Be careful, these are not simple wooden sticks or skewer sticks. Ours are made of bamboo, porous plant that allows the transport of the liquid in it before spreading in the air. It is certain that the smaller the room, the more the diffusion will be concentrated. We particularly like reed diffusers in the bathroom, the bedroom, the lobby or the office!

3. Soy wax candle & wood wick

Our new 2017 has made its way into your Houses, for our greatest happiness! The comments we receive most often are all related to the now famous Sequoia wick. In addition to being better for the lungs (unleaded), less polluting (unlike cotton wicks), the wood wick crackles gently for the pleasure of our ears. It's deeply comforting. In addition, the wax is made of 100% natural soy wax & essential oil. We plan to talk in detail about the differences with regular candles in a live facebook very soon!

4. Use of household products

We don't think about it, but the household products that we use daily has a great influence on the fragrance that emerges from our House! Washing, cleaning counters, floors and dishes ... It's a series of regular actions that perfume an environment more than we think!

5. Bouquet of lavender & essential oil

Many ask us if bouquets of dried lavender are used to perfume a room. The answer is "not really". Of course, when we approach the nose, we perceive the floral notes and especially, the smell of comforting hay fields. Dried lavender should be handled to make it feel a lot. As we use the bouquet to decorate the House, don't go crumbling to release the perfume, there will be more decoration to admire. The trick is to add a few drops of essential oil on the flowers to activate the molecules (present in non-distilled flowers) and thus, revive the fragrance!