Why visit us in our shops?

- Marianne Goupil

Pourquoi aller nous visiter en boutique? || Why visit us in our shops?

Why visit us directly at La Maison?

In addition to the fact that this festive moment is a staple for retail, the holiday season is a time filled with feelings and emotions.

If there is one place where we can pass on this precious passion for our products, it is through the physical stores of La Maison.

The number of people who reacted when they discovered Blackberry & Lavender in the shop, recalling a memory of youth.

The number of people who mentioned wanting to go skiing while smelling Cedar & Lavender in one or the other of our Maisons.

The number of people who want to celebrate winter by smelling the notes of Palo Santo & Lavender here.

The number of people who remembered someone they were missing when discussing a particular collection with one or another of our sales consultants in our shops...

And it's beautiful to see your emotions come up. We feel privileged to be able to share these moments with you... Yes, even in the heart of a shopping mall or our country row.

Our teams are also trained to accompany you in your shopping & promise, you will leave our Maisons with the gifts you dreamed of.

Our Homes became a little Santa Claus workshop where gift wrapping (thanks to our elves), festive music & lots of love harmonize to offer you a sweet experience. We also offer you free gift wrapping in our shops, with great pleasure.

We also reserve some exclusives, whether for products or even promotions!

So, see you soon? X