Why choose our bubble bath?

- Camille Brosseau

Pourquoi les mousses de la Maison? || Why choose our bubble bath?

Here, we see the bath time as a real moment to offer ourselves. It is a small comfort that soothes us during the cold seasons. Especially since soaking in a warm bath helps relax muscles and release tension.

And joy, there are more and more products to add to the bath water to make it even more relaxing, soothing, pleasant. My must-have is without a doubt the bubble bath. Delicately scented, it transforms into a rich, abundant foam on contact with water. The formula is so soft & pleasant on the skin. It's fun, soft and it feels great to soak (literally) in a scented veil from the collection of our choice!

We use our bubble bath especially for its calming virtues: the lavender scent helps you relax and get ready for sleep. It's incredible how soothing it is, both for the skin and the head!

Our bubble bath is available in (almost) all of our collections, in 235ml or 500ml (our dream filling size).

Here's a small preview of the kind of feedback we're lucky enough to receive about our bubble baths. A huge thank you for your comments, it's precious.

Valerie, (Bubble Baths - Blackberry & Lavender)
"I LOVE IT. I'm so glad they decided to make the foam in a larger size, I've already bought it in 2 collections and I'm thinking of stocking up on more. It's the perfect size with young children who love bubble baths!"

Genevieve, (Bubble Baths - Peony & Lavender)
"My bath is even more relaxing with the nice smell of peony and lavender. Thank you for this beautiful product!"

For a bath of flowers with multiple virtues, which is good for the body, the head & the heart.

Also, until February 28th, we offer you 3 bubble baths (235ml) for 30$! Just add the 3 of your choice to your cart and the discount will be applied (& added) automatically. No promotional code, it's that simple! In stores & online (or out of stock).