Here is THE ideal "date"!

- Marianne Goupil

Voici LA « date » idéale! || Here is THE ideal "date"!
 It's the blooming season at la Maison & we believe that our little corner of paradise lends itself perfectly for a moment with your lover or friends (!!)

Whether you have been in a relationship for a few years, at the beginning of dating, or long-time friends, we have thought about THE ideal "date" in our lavender fields in bloom. You will see, nothing complicated! We thought of everything to make it as simple as possible, as we know that these moments can already be a little stressful hihi! 😉

In our opinion, Friday nights in July are the most romantic times of the season at la Maison. Partly because it's a sunset evening, but also because we receive artists for musical performance. Imagine enjoying your frozen yogurt under the sky colored by the sunset, while enjoying pretty melodies - a big dream (!!)

So here's what we have in mind when we think of the perfect little date surrounded by flowers:

We share these ideas with you sincerely for fun. Know that by coming to visit la Maison, you are always free to choose what you want to do or not. 🤍 These are simply suggestions that come from the heart! To do in order, in disorder, as you please. X

- Visit the fields, of course: During your visits, your entrance bracelets give you access to the entire agritourism site, and this, for the day. It is, therefore, the perfect opportunity to enjoy all our facilities (!!) Relaxation areas, swings, picnic tables, bistro, beach, small hiking trail, etc. It goes without saying that we recommend all these small facilities, specially designed for our visitors, to make this moment memorable.

We particularly recommend the terrace & the relaxation area under the trees, for a different point of view on the flowering fields. We also dare to say that the small beach has a crazy charm. Enjoy a Coconut & Lavender frozen treat with your feet in the sand, PHEW. 

- Enjoy a picnic: It is always possible to bring your own picnic home, even if you are recommended. The bistro of the agrotourism site is open in refreshment mode & will perfectly complete your meal. You can go to the grocery store or the restaurant before taking the road to our home to bring with you everything you need to settle down to eat. Raw vegetables, sandwiches, cold meats, fruit, cheese with a baguette, in short choose the foods that make you want! Also, you can bring a bottle of wine! 🍷 Alcohol is allowed on site, always in moderation. (Don't forget your blanket if you want to sit on the ground, between the rows of flowers!)

- Complete your picnic: A little peckish or want a dessert? That's what the bistro is there for (!!) Promised, frozen yogurt & lavender lemonade are worth a visit. Many other delicacies & refreshments are available, it's up to you to see what you want to try! 

- Take some souvenir photos: We can not miss this point ... An ocean of small purple clouds in bloom & moments in love or with friends, it is precious as everything. Why not take the opportunity to capture some moments of your evening. (Never hesitate to come and see us to take a picture of you in the flowers, it gives us the greatest pleasure!) 

- Reading or playing in flowers: One of the things we love to see most in our fields - people enjoying the passing of time. Bring a good novel, a small board game, or your watercolor palette to place together between the flowers. To simply take the time to be together.

- Visit the perfumery: Before ending this beautiful moment, we advise you to go to perfumery to discover or rediscover our different creations. Tablets filled with flowers & passion, from our family to yours. 

Small reminders to plan your "date":

When: Friday evenings in July (preferably) until 9pm.
Where: At La Maison Lavande - 902, chemin Fresnière, in Saint-Eustache. J7R0G4
What to bring: A blanket, your meal, table games, favorite novel, etc. - it's according to your plans for the evening!
Activities to do during the evening: Enjoy your picnic, listen to the musical performance (if you are passing through on a Friday evening), take pictures, walk hand in hand in our fields of about 1km, swing & enjoy the sublime view of our fields in bloom.

We are always excited to be a little complicit in these sweet moments! X