Soy wax candles and wood wicks made in Quebec

Our artisanal candles are assembled and poured by hand. Made of superior quality vegetable wax, we add our precious lavender essential oil to the mix, followed by our precious fragrances to create these delicacies that gently crackle. They are gentle and safe for you, but they also smell divine (!!!)

Why choose soy wax?

At La Maison, we have chosen soy wax as the vegetable wax for our candles. In addition to being gentle and safe for your health, soy vegetable wax is natural and burns more slowly than most scented candle waxes found in larger stores. Our fragrances are then added to the wax as they are purposely conditioned to make handmade candles. Only pure and gentle products are in these delicate little glass jars (which we recommend you use again and again once your candle is finished!). 

Some tips about scented candles

In order to give you all the tools you need to make the most of these scented candles, we've put together all our tips in the form of a blog post. We also talk about them a lot on our Instagram page in a video (REEL)! X 

Your favourite scented candles also come in the form of our various oils, air freshener products, and even oh-so-sweet household products, enhancing the comforting smell of your home, one flower at a time!