Products for every room in your home

Products for the home that will truly please everyone! From linen water for the textiles in your cozy nest, scented candles to add a light scent to the rooms along with that warm crackle of a wood wick, essential and scented oils to be used with one of our diffusers, and air freshener for a change of air in a few sprays. We told you there really is something for everyone!

At La Maison, we particularly enjoy adding Pure Lavender linen water to our sheets just before bedtime. Lighting candles everywhere once the housework is completed, turning on the diffuser with essential and scented oils for that subtle fragrance in the kitchen after meals and then top it off with an air freshener in the small bathroom. (!!!)

Each collection has its own atmosphere

Do you want a calm, soothing and soft atmosphere? We recommend the Pure Lavender or Aloe & Lavender collections. Maybe you are looking for something a little more woodsy with a fresh scent? Underwood & Lavender will undoubtedly make you happy. How about a lemony background while remaining in the woodsy yet soothing notes? Then Palo Santo & Lavender will be the one to win your heart.

Then comes Blackberry & Lavender and Peony & Lavender, which have more playful, sweet yet floral notes as well. Both are must-haves. If you chase summer all year round, the floral notes in our White Flowers & Lavender scent is what you are looking for. Last but not least, our most enveloping collection. For a comforting, rich and complex ambiance, we suggest you indulge in Hazelnut & Lavender.

La Maison Lavande is filled with perfect products that will soften your little nests and enhance your spaces. Scented candles that crackle gently are a great example, while bath products to relax without guilt are a must, and gourmet products to eat right out of the jar simply cannot be ignored!