The Pure Lavender collection is a classic from La Maison. It is the first fragrance developed and adopted by our large Family. It truly is the one that is the foundation of everything we are today. Using pure lavender essence in fragrance products like ours provides many benefits and is quite phenomenal, which is why we based our creations on this solid foundation and have created beautiful and soothing products for ourselves, but mostly for you!

An olfactory journey

The smell of real lavender takes us on a journey. You can be transported to the heart of a flower field in Provence, holding a bouquet of lavender in your hands in a single whiff. The scent of this cherished flower is known to soften hearts, create a harmonious atmosphere and soothe various ailments. A few drops of pure essential oil, a bath of milky powder or a refill of home fragrance and voila! Instant soothing vibes. 

Some comments from our customers (!!!)

Dry oil has been my best ally since the beginning of my pregnancy. As soon as my skin feels a little tight, I apply it to my belly & it's instant relief. I love it and recommend it to all pregnant women!

- Joanie

The milky powder is turns water into moisturizing milk...I have eczema and very sensitive skin and the powder really helps! The lavender scent also makes you feel 100% relaxed! Little tip: combine with the bath salt... Don't hesitate ;)

- Carla

Lavender essential oil truly is necessary in my daily life. It calms my stress and anxiety, soothes my headaches and I even dab myself with it in between events. The one from La Maison Lavande smells really good and doesn't smell like fake lavender!


Our other collections

We have a wide range of lavender-based products for the home, various body care products as well as some lavender-flavoured gourmet delights.