Lavender seeded gift card
Lavender seeded gift card
Lavender seeded gift card
Lavender seeded gift card

Lavender seeded gift card

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Our new little lavender seeded card - yay (!!) A little something we've thought up to slip easily into when offering delicacies from La Maison.

To write a few sweet words to a loved one, a thought to plant and keep for a long time. 🪴

To plant the card & eventually enjoy a new little lavender plant, the few steps to follow are on the last slide of the carousel. 

Important details (!!)
  • - Never submerge or completely soak seeded cardboard in water. Simply keep it moist.
  • - Once the process has begun, keep the card moist at all times. Take care not to let it dry out.
  • - Seeds usually take 3 to 10 days to germinate. The time may vary from seed to seed, from card to card.
  • - As soon as the seeds start to swell, tearing the paper can help them germinate more quickly.
  • - Keep the moistened carton in a cool environment & avoid exposure to sunlight.
  • - Unfortunately, we can't guarantee beyond all doubt that a Lavender plant will come into being after planting this little card. But if all the instructions have been followed, you should soon see your little shoots appear. X
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