What the full moon tells us... According to our Marie-Lune

- Marianne Goupil

Ce que nous dit la Pleine lune... Selon notre Marie-Lune || What the full moon tells us... According to our Marie-Lune

In a few days will occur the full moon (woohoo) & as we are talking about the theme of energies throughout the month of March, it was impossible for us to miss this occasion! 🌙

We are not scientists & even less witches*, but if the moon directly impacts the tides, thus water & that the human body is composed of 80% water, we dare to believe (a little) that the full moon can have a mini impact on us, right?!

We like to do little interviews, so we questioned the "moon expert" of the House - Marie-Lune (aka Marie-Claude, our boutique coordinator) so that she could share with us her knowledge & what the full moon tells us!

1. To begin, could you explain what you think the full moon represents?
"For me, the full moon represents a time in the month when I can purify my thoughts, recharge my precious crystals & take care of myself. I perceive the full moon as a break that allows me to recharge my batteries & thus be ready to start the new cycle. »

2. What are the differences between full moon and new moon?
"The new moon occurs when the moon is completely hidden by the sun. This is when it is ideal to draw up lists with clear intentions for the coming month. I also often take advantage of the new moon to purify my environment with Palo Santo & set new goals. The full moon, on the other hand, is the time in the lunar cycle when we can see the moon completely in the sky. This is the perfect time to recharge our crystals & take care of ourselves. »

3. How can this event affect us?
"The full moon can affect many people in different ways. Personally, as the full moon approaches, I feel more tired & emotional. I have a lot of dreams. The full moon impacts my emotions & sleep. Some studies even claim that the full moon affects the menstrual cycle. It is therefore possible that in the coming days, your emotions take up more space & that your sleep is slightly disturbed, you can then put the blame on the full moon haha! »

4. Are there things we can do to prepare for the full moon?
"Yes, of course! In my case, at nightfall, on the evening of the full moon, I install my crystals on the windowsill facing the moon & I leave them there all night. In this way, the light of the moon can recharge them. I try to remove my stones before daybreak so that they are only illuminated by the light of the full moon (this is important!). Then, I take the opportunity to state in my head manifestations of the "I" for the full moon to create good vibrations for myself. Then finally, I sometimes prepare a large pitcher of water that I place at my window to make moon water. A bit under the same principle as crystals, I organize myself so that this water is illuminated only by the rays of the moon, so I will remove the pitcher before the sun rises. Obviously, these are some examples of actions I like to perform on a full moon evening. These are things that work for me, but each person has their own ritual! »

5. For people who have read our blog post so far (thank youuu), could you give them a little information about what the full moon will bring at La Maison?
"The full moon brought a slight excitement to the House and the idea of taking a break to recharge inspired us. So, very possible that a nice promotion will be announced soon... »
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*We would like to mention that there is nothing witchy or studied in the reported remarks & that the tips or theories stated above are purely subjective. Simply a lovely Marie-Lune, passionate about energies. Happy full moon (!!!)