How to counter the effects of winter blues — a list of tips here!

- Marianne Goupil

Comment contrer les effets de la déprime hivernale — une liste d'astuces ici! || How to counter the effects of winter blues — a list of tips here!

I don't know about you, but I never really liked February. It's a real winter month, it's cold, the sun is less present, the magic of Christmas has fallen, in short the atmosphere is more gloomy.

At La Maison, the well-being of all is a priority & we know that winter can sometimes be more difficult on morale. So we wanted to put together some tips that, we hope, will make February sweeter. 


  1. Enjoy the sun: The sun automatically affects our mood. You have to take advantage of it when it comes out to fill up on vitamin D. You can go for a walk outside, read a few pages of your favorite novel sitting on your balcony, go skating or skiing, the ideas are endless!
  2. Move your body: yes, it may seem simple, but it feels really good. Find a physical activity that you enjoy doing. Play your favorite songs loudly in your House & let yourself go. Dance, sing, jump, have fun! It allows you to externalize all the feelings & emotions that are buried in you.
  3. Eat healthy: Our bodies need good nutrients to function well. A few fruits & vegetables daily to provide him with good vitamins is essential! BUT we admit that a little chocolate or a few chips also does the job! 😉
  4. Accept that it is not always pink & perfect: we are human & having big emotions is so normal, it is part of us. It happens to everyone to have days where we are more sensitive, that the motivation is less present. I think we tend to repress these negative emotions, but we have to feel them to be able to let them go! If today your 100% equals your 60% of yesterday, it does not matter. No one is going to blame you for doing your best. X
  5. Get out of your House: Sometimes, just "changing the air" feels good. We have just written a blog article where we share ideas for activities to make the most of winter. For family outings or with friends, there is something for all ages & all tastes. If you are lacking inspiration, we slip you the link right here:
  6. Do self-care activities: Nothing better than peaceful moments to take care of yourself. Here, we think of taking a good hot bath, making a mask for the face, or drawing accompanied by the crackling of a delicate candle


Obviously, we are not health professionals. These are tricks that work for us. Never hesitate to consult a healthcare professional if you feel the need to talk or if you have any concerns. Take care of yourself, that's the important thing! x